Throw Back Thursday – Battle Angel Alita : Last Order Volume 2

This volume picks up right where the last one left off. We have the giant robot that Jim awakened killing the two adults. It toys with his guardian and brutally beats him to death. When he dies, it angers this behemoth of a robot who was playing with him as he killed him.

So, we cut back to Alita and she’s got a new arm attached thanks to the annoying robot companion. She also gets a lead as to why she’s having trouble maxing her speed and maintaining control of her body during high speed combat. The robot telling her that it sounds similar to Phantom Limb Syndrome and that it might be something with her brain.

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Boruto Ep 7 Review

This episode centered mostly on the students this time. We didn’t see much adult interaction. It was nice to see how the next generation handled dramatic situations. This time, it focused on the girls, Cho cho, Sumire, and Sarada. I happen to like Cho cho. She’s bold and charming. Her love for food doesn’t come across disgusting either. As we follow the girls we notice there seems to be someone stalking them. Obviously they had some kind of special jitsu that made them become invisible.


I think Cho Cho wants to be stalked. Even though she comes across confident in herself, I have a feeling she does have some insecurity when it comes to her size, as most girls her age would. I do like how they do make her come across confident though. Its a great confident booster for other girls who are built like her. I laughed hysterically when she finally cornered the stalker, smashing him with a vending machine. LOL


Magire’s character is beyond awkward. He definitely gives off the aura of the typical insecure boy whose head over heels for a girl he thinks is out of his league, Sumire. Cho Cho playing it off like she knew the whole time was cute. I felt bad for Magire when Sumire rejected him, but she didn’t know him and he had been stalking her. Creeeepy. LOL Magire freaking out over being rejected actually wasn’t really what I expected but probably should have seen coming. I love how Boruto and the boys are watching, totally confused as to Magire’s behavior around the girls since they never felt nervous around them. It was so nice to see Boruto interacting with his friends like normal, something Naruto never had at that age. It just really showed how much the Leaf Village has grown and how different it is socially.


The situation escalated quickly within the school with Magire continuing his stalker behavior, taking it to the next level. I figured Magire would wallow in depression, but instead he went ape shit. Wow. LOL When he kidnapped Sumire, Boruto and the others didn’t hesitate to find her. These little ninjas have much better problem solving skills than their parents. I like how they show that difference without it being unbelievable. It’s the same as in reality, where younger generations have improved and surprised older generations.


I honestly was surprised that Magire seemed to be possessed by the same shadow as Shino and the other ninja they had dealt with in previous episodes. We still have no idea where these shadows are coming from. When Cho Cho talks Magire down and the shadow leaves him, my husband said that was a total rip off from Persona games, changing his heart. Haha. Not in an insulting way of course. It was just interesting how it was the same kind of concept.


So the mystery of the shadows has yet to be solved, but there seems to be a pattern that this happens to ninjas who start to suffer from severe insecurity and/or inadequacy. It takes over them when they’re at their weakest. I look forward to the next episode hopefully some more answers as to why this is happening! Did you watch this episode? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!


-The Wife

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My Late to the Party, Spoiler Free Review of Logan

Let me start by saying this was, by far, my favorite comic movie to date. The previous title holder was The Dark Knight which now has to sit at second place. And yes, I know I’m a little late but I figured I’d give my thoughts since it’s just released on blu-ray and for rent. So I’ll keep this short and sweet.

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Worldend Ep 4 Review

A lot of emotion in this episode. Seeing Willem panic over the girls missing sure tugged at my heart. Then when the troll Nygglatho tells him they’re all dead from a battle, the look on his face made my heart shatter. Thankfully he woke up and it was just a nightmare. It really showed just how much he cared about those girls. I’m just such a sucker for men who are good with children!


Willem’s day spent with Tiat was adorable to watch. It was definitely like watching a father and daughter spending the day together. It was cute and Tiat’s passion for the lizard romance movies was so silly but it showed just how full of life she was. It was nice to see one of the girls out of the “warehouse” and actually being a kid, a luxury they don’t get too often given what they exist for in the first place.


I’m curious about the scene of the family that got their food stand terroized. I heard in the crowd that their stand supported the Mayor. Sounds like there’s some politics involved on Corna De Luce, the floating city. I wonder if we’ll get to see more of what that’s all about and if it plays into the main plot of the story. The world seems pretty expansive and we haven’t gotten to see much of it yet except where the girls live and the floating cities.


We get to see Tiat experiencing this “tuning” that all the girls have to go through. Willem really struggles with this and it just makes me love his character even more. He hasn’t been with the girls too long but he’s grown so fond of them. It’s going to really suck if any of the girls die in this series. They’ll be some major tears for sure. I really hope we don’t have to deal with a dramatic moment like that.


A new character comes into the mix, what looks to be some sort of dog like person? I’m not sure really. It’s only 4 episodes in, so I imagine we’ll get more details in time. I hope this isn’t a 13 episode season. I want at least 20 episodes because I think we’d need that many to really get more details on the world and the characters, not to mentiont the interaction and connections between them. This character really wants to see the soldier whose leading the girls into battle. I’m sorry I can’t remember his name and I couldn’t find him on a character list either. If you know the name, be sure to leave in the comments! It would be helpful! Anyway, so while Willem is listening to her request, we see the soldier’s in the background shouting and talking about the very place where Chtholly is fighting with the other two girls. When he’s told the defenses failed, the look on his face was heart wrenching. We already know he’s suffering from those he was unable to protect 500 years ago and the thought of losing someone again, is incredibly traumatic. I was worried the girls were dead and it was going to really put a damper on the anime for me if that was the case.


Then as he’s spacing out in shock, the girls showed up and I was elated! It took a moment before he noticed them and when he took off to go to them, he ran at an incredible speed that was not normal. It was clear it was some kind of magic because even the Lizard commander was a bit surprised by it. I did not expect him to only grab Chtholly though. I thought for certain he’d gather all three of them but no, he went straight for Chtholly and I totally fan girled over that scene. Its clear his fondness for Chtholly differs slightly from the rest of the girls. I’m impressed with how “not creepy” they’ve made it to, given the age differences. We know Chtholly is like 15 and I’m still fairly certain Willem is in his early 20s. The ending of that episode though…Chtholly is so annoyed from him hugging her so tight she couldn’t breathe and embarrased her, so she slaps him. Haha. Too cute.


I look forward to the next episode! I really really love this anime. I do hope we get to see some more action and fighting scenes too. Right now there just seems to be a lot of character development and I’m okay with that. This is only episode 4. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this anime has in stored! Are you watching this anime? What do you think of it so far? Let me know in the comments!


-The Wife Shawna

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First Thought Mondays! Kenko Bancho Otome

I happen to come across this anime and its premise caught my interest. I didn’t expect it to be the short episode version. Usually these types are really good at catching your attention since they have to squeeze a lot in one small episode.


So I’m two episodes in (I’m a week late posting this, sorry about that!) and I definitely want to keep watching it. Hinako is a teenage girl who unfortunately makes the mistake of bumping into a boy who looks just like her, but injures him in the process. He’s part of a powerful Yakuza family and tells her she now has to go to his school Shishiku, an all boys school, in his place. She’s given the task of rising the top of the class, beating all her classmates to become top of the class. The school itself is covered in graffiti so it’s obvious it’s a school for delinquent students. The boys in the school all have bad attitudes and are looking for the next ass to kick. It’s like an entire school full of bullies. At first Hinako looks overwhelmed when she walks into the school in the middle of a brawl.


She mainly avoids fighting until she’s caught the attention of another student in the hall. They challenge her and surprisingly, she kicks his ass pretty good. It’s revealed in the second episode that she’s been studying martial arts. That’s about as far as we get into the story with the first episode. We learn Hinako was living in an orphanage but soon she’s put in her own place by the twin yakuza brother’s family. You’re not really sure if it was a sweet gesture or not since the boy IS using her and has a lot of a power coming from the Yakuza.


This anime has been added to my watch and review list so look for more reviews as the episodes come out! Have you seen this anime yet? What’d you think of it? Let me know in the comments!


-The Wife Shawna

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Attack on Titan Ep 33

This episode slowed things down a bit and gave us a bit of flash back into Eren, Mikasa, and Armin’s past. At first, I thought it was redundant to see another flashback of Eren getting saved by Mikasa again. Then as it went on, it made sense why they showed it. I liked the transition of her yelling for him after he runs off after the scuffle and her waking up to the present time. It fit with the situation since Eren had been taken away. It reminded her of when he’d always leave them behind. Eren tries so hard to take care of things on his own and not drag anyone else into it. At least, thats the impression that I get.


Mikasa is one of my favorite characters and I just knew she would be frustrated once she woke up and found out it had been 5 hours since Eren had been taken away with Ymir. I remembered when she had followed Annie to take Eren back (one of my favorite scenes from last season!) and then of course she remembers that same moment. I love that she just wants to be by his side. It doesn’t matter to her that he always seems to fail. He keeps getting back up and I think that’s what drives her. No matter how dire things get, he keeps standing up and so it inspires her to do the same.


The character development can be seen here because there’s not as much fear and terror. There’s worry, sure, but they know that Eren is a fighter and won’t just go down. He’ll keep fighting back until they arrive to rescue him. I love that about the chemistry between them. There’s a bond there. It’s never really spoken too much, you just know its there and can feel it. I love animes that can convey that type of emotion effortlessly without really having to show it.


The episode mostly focused on holding onto hope and to not give up even though things seemed dire and unpredictable. This story has become unpredictable with so many things happening and secrets being revealed. I’m looking forward to the next episode but at the same time I’m bummed there’s only going to be 13 episodes this season. Not sure why we’re only getting half of what we got the first season but I guess there’s reasons. I just hope we don’t have to wait two more years for a third season. It’s hard to stay engaged in an anime when the seasons are so far spread apart! I could probably read the manga if I wanted but I’m already reading three different active mangas as it is. LOL


So what did everyone think of this episode? It was nice to slow things down before it picks up next episode with Eren in the forest with the titans and Ymir. I’m curious what Reiner and them have to say about why they turn into Titans and why they posed as humans!


-The Wife Shawna

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