Worldend Ep 5 Review

It was nice to finally see the girls in battle this episode. I was curious what they were like with their weapons. They’re fearless and really put forth a lot of effort into taking down enemies. It wasn’t a long battle scene but it was enough to give a taste of what the eldest girls could do in a fight. It was so cute how Ctholly was determined to go home victorious. She wanted those butter cakes!


I’m curious what those visions and voices are that Ctholly has been dealing with. We really haven’t gotten any answers yet and she hasn’t really been telling anyone about them. I can’t remember if it was common for them to get visions like that.


As always, the relationship with Willem and the girls is adorable as ever. I just really love how they made it not creepy whatsoever. It’s obviously there’s a bit of romance developing between Ctholly and Willem but the age differences isn’t enough to bug me plus it’s very subtle and hopefully they’ll drag this out over years (their bonding anyway). I’m still so curious how long this anime is going to last!


Willem handled the situation that client wanted handled quite well. I didn’t even think he as helping her until they went off to a secluded area. I thought it was funny how the client did not take kindly to being used as bate. Geez, she can’t even be grateful it was for the right reasons? LOL


The ending of the episode left me a little confused and nervous for Willem. I can’t remember the name that made him change his mind and go with the soldiers. He said good bye to her the same way he said good bye to his friend from 500 years ago. I really hope nothing happens to him. It really got me all fan girling when she admitted she loved him. GAH! I just really love this anime and I adore Willem’s character. Charming as ever! I can’t wait to see what else this anime has in store! Are you watching it? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments!


-The Wife Shawna

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First Thought Mondays! Kado: The Right Answer

I was surprised and happy to find this dubbed already. Cameron and I had started it with subtitles but decided to give the dubs a try. Not a bad cast and it made it easier for me to take in the details of the animation.


You definitely don’t feel like you’re in a sci-fi anime in this first episode. At least for most of it. We get introduced to Shindo and Hanamori. We see their skills with working with people and Shindo’s talent for negotiations. There’s nothing super natural going on. It’s just a normal day in Japan. While Shindo and Hanamori are on a plane for a business trip, they spot a square object in the sky getting bigger. Eventually it covers the airplane and they get trapped into this large box. It’s huge, taller than all the buildings in Japan. This is where the first episode leaves you. It’s entirely jaw dropping because it was like you were watching a slice life anime one minute then suddenly you’re watching sci-fi! The animation is done really well. I’m usually not a fan of 3-D but in this anime it’s done pretty well. It doesn’t look too fake.


So I’ll add this anime to my watch and review list! Have you seen this one yet? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!


-The Wife Shawna

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Attack On Titan Ep 34 Review

A lot of dialogue in this episode. The conversation with Eren and Reiner is interesting. It’s clear Reiner is suffering from severe mental issues and that’s kind of an explosive mix with someone who can turn into a Titan. Eren’s anger towards him is totally justified but at the same time I understand where Ymir is coming from. Trying to escape their current situation just wasn’t going to happen.


Meanwhile, I love how the scouts don’t hesitate to track Eren down. Mikasa and Armin stay positive that they’ll find Eren alive and save him, like they always have done since they were kids.


Eren has no pity for Reiner and his mental breakdown. Frankly, I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t either. It’s not easy to deal with the fact that someone you trusted betrayed you. Betrayal is probably one of the worst things you can ever feel. Eren just needs to hold his hot temper in check. I do wonder if he ends up getting himself killed by the end of this story. He definitely doesn’t care about his own life.


Bertholdt doesn’t say a whole lot this episode. Ymir can tell that he knows something is not normal with Reiner. His mental state is unstable. Eren’s temper snap’s when Reiner starts playing the victim and I loved it. I love how Eren always speaks up. So many times I watch anime and get frustrated when characters don’t question things I think they should be questioning. With this one, Eren always questions and cuts out the bullshit. It’s one of the things I love about his character.


Eren asking what Bertholdt was thinking when he kicked the wall and was the reason why his mother was unable to escape only to be eaten in front of him,  was well written. The raw emotion in that scene was palpable. The animation this season is just breathtaking. They’re really nailing the emotion with the animation and the voice acting. With Attack On Titan I just watch the subs. I’m not concerned about watching it english.


Can I just say that Reiner is a total ass? I’m not quite understanding why he’s acting like he was the victim being forced to kill people. I’m wondering whose pulling the strings since he seems to be full of regret. Eren is understandably upset. The shouting match between those too was intense. I liked how Ymir seemed to put a stop to his murderous rage for a few moments. At least someone with a rational head was there to keep Eren from doing something stupid. After she mentioned the monkey titan to Reiner and Bertholdt, their expressions were definitely making me curious. We didn’t get any questions answered but hopefully we will next episode. That damn thing is still a mystery!


The episode ends with the scouts closing in on Eren and Ymir’s location. Of course it wouldn’t take them long to find them! I’m hoping we get to see some fighting in the next episode! Did you watching this episode? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!


-The Wife Shawna

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My Hero Academia Ep 22 Review

I was very excited for this episode! Ochaco looked so terrified to take on Bakugo and who could blame her? He was terrifying and he wasn’t going to hold back just because she’s a girl. I applaud her bravery though, stepping onto the stage despite her fear. She refused to take any advice from Izuku and wanted to just completely rely on herself. I know how scary that can be to try to do something completely on your own. It’s terrifying! I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be facing a fight against a guy as violent as Bakugo.


While Ochaco was fighting him, I was impressed with how she was trying to bait him to get a feel for how he moves and how big the explosions are. She used the debris to her advantage but he didn’t notice because he was too busy focusing on offense. One day, that’s going to bite Bakugo in the ass. Curious what he’s going to do about defense in the future. Explosions can’t stop everything. Anyway, it was pretty epic when Ochaco let the debris rain down on him like meteors. She really thought this strategy out. It was nice to see what other talents she had that she could add to her gravity quirk and her strategic thinking is definitely pretty good. I was impressed with how quick she was thinking despite all the explosions happening around her.


I really hoped she would win but Bakugo isn’t just all brawn. He’s pretty smart himself, impressively enough. Too many explosions just rattled her poor brain a little too much. Her determination was amazing. I love characters like this. I had to wipe tears when she was talking to her dad on the phone. I shed a lot of tears this episode honestly. Bakugo may have won, but I’m hoping he’ll lose a fight in the future. He needs to be humbled. I worry he’ll go evil. LOL


Now I have to wait another whole week for the next fight which I’ve also been waiting for! Todoroki vs Izuku. This is going to be  hard one for me because I’m going to be rooting for both of them. I love both of the characters. If I’m going to be honest, of course I want Izuku to win. So far he’s managed to scrape by so guess we’ll have to wait and see if he’ll be able to win again!


-The Wife

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Fairy Tail Fridays: Mavis Vermillion Part 1

The founder of Fairy Tail, Mavis Vermillion. If there’s one thing Hiro Mashima is good at, it’s pulling at your heart strings and that’s exactly what Mavis’ back story does. To think someone has sweet and uplifting as Mavis could have such a tragic and depressing back story is amazing. I love how Mashima writes complex characters this way. It’s never consistent. Some character’s rise above their difficult pasts, some just succumb to the bitterness and anger that developed inside them. Bitterness and resentment just wasn’t in Mavis’ nature, despite how she was treated as a young child.


Her story began on Tenrou Island where we had seen the ruins during that Fairy Tail story arc. She spent her days working for the wizard guild Red Lizard. To work off her dead parents’ death she cleans for the guild, even though she’s only six years old. The headmaster Jeself is abusive towards her, constantly putting her down for interests in reading and seems to hate her for the fact that no matter how many times he abuses her, she doesn’t lose the light inside her. She stays positive and tries to make the best out of her situation. This would normally break any other six year old but not Mavis. Her life was hard but she wasn’t going to wallow in despair. She had dreams and she held onto them.


The atmosphere of this guild is drastically different than Fairy Tail. The wizards are brutal and menacing. It’s obvious they do not work for the good of others, only to line their pockets with cash.


When her story first starts, the Headmaster destroys a book on fairies she was reading. That’s foreshadowing to the creation of Fairy Tail which I loved seeing that within the first couple pages of Fairy Tail Zero. Mashima doesn’t hesitate to show just how Fairy Tail got its name. Not only does the headmaster destroy that book, he decides to take away the shoes he had bought for her. They were the only pair she had but he decided he didn’t want her to have them out of pure cruelty. She didn’t even fight back, too afraid of being beaten again. She gives them up and goes back to her cleaning duties outside.


While Mavis outside cleaing, we get to meet Zeira, the Headmaster’s daughter. She’s just like her father and rejects the shoes he tried to give her. Zeira quickly dismisses them especially when she learns they belonged to Mavis. It was heartbreaking to watch Mavis listen to the mean words the little girl spouted off. It really shows Mavis’ strength when you still see her not break despite how she’s treated. It’s inspiring to see a character who smiles even when it’s raining.


Mavis’ interactions with the characters on Tenrou stay consistent and you keep waiting for her spirit to be broken. However, when she accidently stays out to late and comes back to her village to find it on fire and being attacked by another guild from the mainland, she doesn’t hesitate to help Zeira when she finds her. Zeira is so confused and doesn’t understand why Mavis still remained kind even after the way she treated her. It’s very inspiring to always remain kind, that it could one day change people. That’s what happens just before Zeira collapses, supposedly dead.

Well, that’s the end of Part 1 of this Fairy Tail Friday Segment. I realized there’s actually a lot of content for Mavis’ background and I work full time so it’s hard to find the time to write and research! I’ll have part two out next Friday. Sorry this came out so late! See you next week!



-The Wife Shawna

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Throw Back Thursday – Battle Angel Alita : Last Order Volume 2

This volume picks up right where the last one left off. We have the giant robot that Jim awakened killing the two adults. It toys with his guardian and brutally beats him to death. When he dies, it angers this behemoth of a robot who was playing with him as he killed him.

So, we cut back to Alita and she’s got a new arm attached thanks to the annoying robot companion. She also gets a lead as to why she’s having trouble maxing her speed and maintaining control of her body during high speed combat. The robot telling her that it sounds similar to Phantom Limb Syndrome and that it might be something with her brain.

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Boruto Ep 7 Review

This episode centered mostly on the students this time. We didn’t see much adult interaction. It was nice to see how the next generation handled dramatic situations. This time, it focused on the girls, Cho cho, Sumire, and Sarada. I happen to like Cho cho. She’s bold and charming. Her love for food doesn’t come across disgusting either. As we follow the girls we notice there seems to be someone stalking them. Obviously they had some kind of special jitsu that made them become invisible.


I think Cho Cho wants to be stalked. Even though she comes across confident in herself, I have a feeling she does have some insecurity when it comes to her size, as most girls her age would. I do like how they do make her come across confident though. Its a great confident booster for other girls who are built like her. I laughed hysterically when she finally cornered the stalker, smashing him with a vending machine. LOL


Magire’s character is beyond awkward. He definitely gives off the aura of the typical insecure boy whose head over heels for a girl he thinks is out of his league, Sumire. Cho Cho playing it off like she knew the whole time was cute. I felt bad for Magire when Sumire rejected him, but she didn’t know him and he had been stalking her. Creeeepy. LOL Magire freaking out over being rejected actually wasn’t really what I expected but probably should have seen coming. I love how Boruto and the boys are watching, totally confused as to Magire’s behavior around the girls since they never felt nervous around them. It was so nice to see Boruto interacting with his friends like normal, something Naruto never had at that age. It just really showed how much the Leaf Village has grown and how different it is socially.


The situation escalated quickly within the school with Magire continuing his stalker behavior, taking it to the next level. I figured Magire would wallow in depression, but instead he went ape shit. Wow. LOL When he kidnapped Sumire, Boruto and the others didn’t hesitate to find her. These little ninjas have much better problem solving skills than their parents. I like how they show that difference without it being unbelievable. It’s the same as in reality, where younger generations have improved and surprised older generations.


I honestly was surprised that Magire seemed to be possessed by the same shadow as Shino and the other ninja they had dealt with in previous episodes. We still have no idea where these shadows are coming from. When Cho Cho talks Magire down and the shadow leaves him, my husband said that was a total rip off from Persona games, changing his heart. Haha. Not in an insulting way of course. It was just interesting how it was the same kind of concept.


So the mystery of the shadows has yet to be solved, but there seems to be a pattern that this happens to ninjas who start to suffer from severe insecurity and/or inadequacy. It takes over them when they’re at their weakest. I look forward to the next episode hopefully some more answers as to why this is happening! Did you watch this episode? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!


-The Wife

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