Logan Spoiler Talk

Warning, Spoilers ahead for Logan. You are warned!

Alright, so let’s talk a little about Logan in detail. First of all, the mash up of the X-23 story and Old Man Logan is great. I’m glad they didn’t try to stick as close as they could to Old Man Logan since they didn’t have the rights to almost all of the stuff in the book. Giving us just that flavor of it was more than enough for me, personally.

I especially love the twist they gave that story. Instead of Logan being tricked by the illusions of Mysterio and killing all the X-Men we get hints at what happened. That some were hunted down by the Reavers but the twist that Charles is suffering from a degenerative brain disease and has developed seizures that cause his power to rage out of control. Infecting the minds of those around him and paralyzing them to the point that they suffocate was a heart wrenching reality that even our heroes can suffer from the same fates as the rest of us. That wasn’t the end to the twist because we also find out that during one of these fits, possibly the first one before anyone knew it was a problem, that Charles himself killed at least a few of the X-Men.

It really broke my heart to see his character become so broken and plagued by issues that we face as we age. But it was done so well I have to love it and appreciate the story that they told.

The changes to X-23’s story I felt fit in line perfectly with how they were stitching these stories together. Removing the trigger scent, I felt was a good decision on their part. Additionally, having her be younger and part of a larger program with more clones then just Wolverine’s added a lot of depth and, I felt, realism to the program. Now her actions aren’t from a McGuffin that takes complete control away from the character but more a tragic and flawed existence compounded by the fact she’s never known normal society, normal behavior. She was trained for violence and though she struggles with it its shown as the first thing she knows to resort to. Example being the convenience store scene.

The addition of X-24 in the movie was good. It was a nice reflection on the character because, in the end, Logan has always been his own worst enemy. His temper tends to get him, and those around him, in trouble. A trouble that they can’t handle like he can. Even in the movies this has been driven home time and again as he has always drawn danger and death to those around him, either personally or in situations where those hunting for him aren’t known for mercy.

The final confrontation between them really emphasized this. X-24 representing the rage and violence that Logan fights to contain being a threat to everyone including himself. The fact that he has never been able to fully get it under control and is often the cause of his failures. But then you have Laura who has been shown as the other side of that coin. She has compassion and isn’t lost to her rage. You see this when she throws herself over Charles body early in the movie when they are escaping the Reavers, protecting him from the bullets that are flying. In the end its that side of him that quells the rage as she uses the adamantium bullet to blow off half of x-24’s head and put an end to it.

Logan’s death at the end I felt was fitting. With Jackman retiring from the role of Wolverine something had to happen to remove him from the equation. They couldn’t have him retire as a farmer somewhere. He’s tried before, it’s never worked. He is always pulled in. We’d be stuck wondering why he wouldn’t show up to help defeat the next big threat because we know he couldn’t just sit back and do nothing.

Wrapping this all up there are tons of easter eggs in the movies. From comics that harken back to the golden days of the X-Men comics to the katana hanging in his room. They are blink and you’ll miss them cameos that never draw you out of the story but are there for those who know more about him and his history. Great additions that only add flavor without proving to be a distraction.

I really hope that Laura takes the role of Wolverine in the upcoming movies. The actress Dafne Keen gave an amazing performance, in my opinion, and I’d love to see the character explored more in upcoming movies. I’d much prefer it to simply a rewind of the clock and replacing Jackman with another actor in the same role. Let Wolverine rest in peace, he’s earned it.


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