The Monthly Blog: We Made It Through the First Month!

We’ve officially had our blog site up a month now and it has already been a challenge to keep it active but I love the challenge. We’ve had 384 views, 219 visitors, 113 likes, 23 comments, and 22 followers for the month of May. It may not seem like a  lot, but it is to me and I’m happy with the start of our blog so far. Our goal is to reach even more people and hopefully get some patrons to help support us to get you guys more content!

My list of anime to watch has gotten quite large so some of my First Thought Monday animes may not get reviews until a bit later, depending on how my time goes. I work full time so I’m kinda juggling two jobs at the moment. lol Looking at my calendar and I’ve gotten myself pretty booked with anime.


You’ll probably see more blogs from my husband Cameron this month. Right now he has a weekly Thursday series of “Throw Back Thursdays” where he discusses and reviews about old manga in detail. If you’re into manga, especially old manga, be sure to check out his series. He’s got two episodes out so far! Eventually this series will also be done on video but don’t have the equipment just yet!


We’re starting from scratch, having only our laptop and printer as our equipment for our business. It’s a slow start but you have to start somewhere. Looks like we posted 43 blogs last month so I know if we keep that number at 43 or higher, we’ll keep getting visitors and new followers to our blog!


I’m also going to ask for feedback with this once a month blog entry. The first of the month, I’ll post a blog reviewing the last month and talking about what the new month has in store, and then I’ll ask for feedback on what we can do better to serve you! So please, don’t hesitate to make any comments on what you look for in blogs like this. Do I need to work on more detail? Is there particular genres you’d like me to take on with anime and manga? Is there anything you’d like Cameron to discuss and review regarding American comics? We do everything geek and entertainment so please, let us know!


The month of June has some new anime coming I’m excited about. I checked out the Summer Season line up for Anime and there’s definitely some new ones I plan on trying out! Later this week I’ll discuss what shows caught my interest and what ones haven’t! There’s a couple new shows on Netflix I’m particularly excited about that I can’t wait to see!


So the goal for this month is to hit over 400 views and hit 40 followers! Also, this month we’ll try to get a couple videos uploaded on our channel. We do have a webcam with our laptop so we might open up with a taste test or something, we haven’t decided. Poor Cam is sick so he’s not doing much lately until he feels better!


-The Wife

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