My Hero Academia Ep 23 Review

WOW!! That episode blew me away! It went directions I was not expecting whatsoever. The way Izuku was using his quirk was pretty predictable. He paced himself although I think he should have paced himself a little more. He definitely needs more training on controlling that quirk even a little. He still has no real control except focusing it to just one particular limb. I was cringing over him using broken fingers, making them look dark purple. AGH! Ow!! The fact Izuku was still able to throw punches was incredible!


Todoroki’s fighting wasn’t all that exciting in the beginning of the fight. Izuku was calling him out on it too and I admired that. Instead of taking advantage of the fact that his opponent wasn’t using his full power, he egged him on to use all he’s got. We got to see more of Todorok’s past and how he grew up. His mother was a piece of work. It’s too bad she felt it necessary to take her terror out on her own child! Anyway, I was trying really hard not to cry.


When FINALLy Todoroki unleashes his full power…holy…shit. It was absolutely incredible! That power is incredible! That last blast at the end of the fight was absolute mind blowing and the animation and sound effects were perfect! I reacted vocally to it and even got choked up at how incredible that scene was! THIS is why I love Shonen! That episode was just so fantastic. Todoroki is by far, my favorite character in the series…he ties with Bakugo honestly. Those two are my favorites! I can’t wait for the next episode! This anime is awesome. Did you watch it? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!


-The Wife Shawna

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One thought on “My Hero Academia Ep 23 Review”

  1. It was a very cool fight sequence, both visually and emotionally impressive. Hard to know how they will top that but I kind of hope they do because this series just keeps sucking me in to it.

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