About Us

My husband Cameron and I are going to start our own YouTube Channel called “The Two Sills” where we will video our travels, taste food we haven’t tried before or reviewing our favorites. We will also cover reviews of Japanese pop culture like anime and manga, and sometimes we’ll review the geekier side of American pop culture like Marvel and D.C. How could I not post a review about Deadpool 2 after I see it?!

This journal and our videos will also cover our journey to visit Japan and one day live there. We hope to give many helpful tips on how to prepare for a trip to a foreign country as rookies (I’ve only been to Canada. Doesn’t really count lol). We’re actively studying the language and watching helpful YouTube videos. I’ll be sure to post and link any videos I found helpful.

Our channel will also have cooking videos made by my husband. He has a passion for cooking and is excited to share it with others! We will also have an Instagram that will cover our adventures and show off my art (which I will be selling and giving away!).

My husband and I are excited to take on the challenge of getting out of our comfort zone and living in another country. We hope you’ll join us on our adventure!