First Impessions of Boruto Manga Ch 1 -12

I never read Naruto so reading Boruto was going to be my first experience of Kishimoto Masashi’s style. I may do a post about my review of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden because that will be a very long review, not all of it good. If you’ve seen the animes, you know why.


The first chapter easily pulled me in and made me want to keep turning the page. Being familiar with the past events of Naruto and the war helps understand the characters better. However, enough is explained in little flash backs if you haven’t read about the previous generation.  I was pleased to read that this wasn’t at all going to be like a repeat of Naruto. Boruto is clearly more naturally skilled than his father. His social skills are a lot better, too. School life is so much different for him since he doesn’t deal with the bully’s his father did. There’s a lot of fun banter between him and the rest of his three man team. There seems to be a deeper friendship and trust from the start, unlike how it was for Naruto when he and Sasuke couldn’t stand each other.


Personally, I found it cute how Sarada teases her mother about blushing over her Dad’s return. Maybe for some people they might find that unrealistic, but I’ve been with my husband for 5 years and he can still make me blush like a school girl. lol Since this is a next generation story, world building really isn’t needed since the world was already built with in Naruto. I’m able to enjoy Boruto’s story from the very beginning, without having to be bogged down with background and world building.


Although Boruto is a lot like his father, he’s still much different due to the different environment he’s being raised in. He has both of his parents, although, his father has been working so many long hours he’s neglected his son a bit and Boruto’s pissed about it. I found it endearing that he’s so protective of his sister and even lectured his dad about showing up to her birthday party. That was too cute. I’m a sucker for sibling bonds (like Fullmetal Alchemist!). Broke my heart though when he thought his dad was there for his sister when his clone disappeared while bringing the cake to the table. Just…ouch! That stung. Really couldn’t blame the kid for losing his shit.


Sasuke has become such an interesting character now. I still need to brush up on the end of Shippuden (yes, i havent finished it, but i did cheat and already watched the final movie LOL), but I like who he has become as a man and ninja. He got on my nerves a lot in both previous animes. Half the time I was face palming his attitude and groaning over Sakura’s obsession with him. That shifted quite a bit during Shippuden, but that’s beside the point. Anyway, I honestly did not see Sasuke becoming Boruto’s teacher. Not one bit but I like it. It seems fitting.


Sasuke and Sakura’s daughter is absolutely adorable. She seems to have her mother’s friendly charm (without the over the top whinyness thank god) and her father’s intelligence. I’m already shipping her and Boruto. Haha. There’s already a close bond there to begin with so I see that relationship blossoming quickly! She seems to be quite fond of him and I love how she wants to be the next Hokage!


I was surprised to see the Chunin exams introduced so early but I’m not complaining. It’s went fairly quickly, however, drawing it out wasn’t needed. When Boruto got presented that ninja device I knew it was going to go bad from the start. It made his pathway turn in a totally different direction than his father’s. It was quite the blow to have Naruto disqualify AND take away his status as a ninja in front of everyone. Skill wasn’t the issue in this story arc, it was the ability to be mentally prepared and believe in yourself. He wanted to win a little too badly.


When Naruto was taken away, I was scared at first that he was gonna die. I kept thinking, “Please don’t tell me you already killed off Naruto”. Thankfully he was fine but way to give me a bit of a heart attack! It would be nice for Naruto to at least grow old before he croaks! Having an enemy go after his 9 tailed beast seemed a tad redundant and the actual battle didn’t drag on as long as I thought it would. It wasn’t a bad battle, but it wasn’t as epic as I thought it could be. That’s okay, though, it was nice to see Naruto and Sasuke working together, as well as the other Kages. And that moment between Naruto and Boruto when creating that giant resingan? GAH! Brilliant!


Don’t have much of an opinion of the new friendship between Boruto and the rich kid. Seemed a tad cliche, a rich kid not having any friends but making one out of Boruto. I’m not really knocking it, but it’s been done before, ya know? The way they interact with each other is cute though and it brought out the softer side of Boruto. It really showed you why he has friends who care so much for him.


I will continue to review this manga as new chapters come out. Chapter 12 came out the other day and that took over a month so not sure how often it updates. If you know how often, please leave a comment so I can plan my blogging accordingly! Hehe. Thanks for reading!




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First Impressions of Persona 5

My husband and I are both playing this game. He just finished it the other day and is playing in game plus mode now. I’m about thirty hours in. I work 40 hours a week and don’t get as much free time to get lost in a game.

This is my first persona game but not my first experience with turn based RPGs. I really enjoyed Nino Kuni, so I’m familar with the game play. Watching the trailers and hearing about all the hype for Persona 5 really peaked my interest. We’re very broke so we traded in some games we werent playing anymore and managed to purchase Persona 5 through the playstation store thanks to Gamestop.

I was hooked after the first battle in Kamashida’s palace (i probably butchered the spelling, sorry lol). It was easy to understand and it was nice to not feel pressured to attack the enemy immediately to get the fight over with. I could take a few moments to think of a strategy and figure out an enemie’s weakness. This made the game much more enjoyable for me and I wish I had played the earlier Persona games.

I appreciate the amount of guidance i get through out the game so far. It makes it less intimidating to play. You don’t have to be a hard core RPG master to play this game. It’s that easy, plus you have a variety of modes to choose from, Easy up to Merciless. I’m currently playing on normal. My second play through I will probably move up to hard. If you haven’t played the game yet, I will warn you, you WILL get lost at the train station when switching trains the first time to get to school. Don’t panic. That’s the only time it happens, at least so far. LOL

So that’s my first impressions of Persona 5 so far. I don’t want to give away too much. My husband played 130 hours before he finished the game so there’s a LOT of game play.  My next review I’ll be giving major spoilers so if you haven’t played yet, be sure to skip that post! My husband will be giving his impressions of the game eventually. We’ll always sign our names at the ends of posts so you know whose post your reading!

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