First Thought Mondays! Kado: The Right Answer

I was surprised and happy to find this dubbed already. Cameron and I had started it with subtitles but decided to give the dubs a try. Not a bad cast and it made it easier for me to take in the details of the animation.


You definitely don’t feel like you’re in a sci-fi anime in this first episode. At least for most of it. We get introduced to Shindo and Hanamori. We see their skills with working with people and Shindo’s talent for negotiations. There’s nothing super natural going on. It’s just a normal day in Japan. While Shindo and Hanamori are on a plane for a business trip, they spot a square object in the sky getting bigger. Eventually it covers the airplane and they get trapped into this large box. It’s huge, taller than all the buildings in Japan. This is where the first episode leaves you. It’s entirely jaw dropping because it was like you were watching a slice life anime one minute then suddenly you’re watching sci-fi! The animation is done really well. I’m usually not a fan of 3-D but in this anime it’s done pretty well. It doesn’t look too fake.


So I’ll add this anime to my watch and review list! Have you seen this one yet? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!


-The Wife Shawna

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First Thought Mondays! Chain Chronicle

So unfortunately I was not able to find Super Lover on Funimation or Crunchy Roll. I did find something else to try out. It already has 12 episodes out but it caught my attention and that would be Chain Chronicle.


It’s based off a video game although I didn’t know that till about three episodes in. The first episode starts off with a large war happening which I find intriguing. Usually you build up to a war, but this had it from the very beginning. We see a battle raging on with different mythical creatures fighting what’s called the “dark army”. A captain by the name of Yuri leads a “volunteer army” he started to take on the dark army and the Black king. When Yuri faces him in the throne room with a fighting “party” (ya know, like in an JRPG), I’m absolutely fascinated by the beautiful animation of the fight scenes. It’s fluid and gorgeous. The movements weren’t choppy and the colors were vibrant.


You think Yuri will when against this Black King, or at least made him disappear and come back later but no, that doesn’t happen. One of their party members disappears and Yuri is injured so badly he’s unconscious. The Black King wins the war and the episodes that follow chronicle their start from a painful loss, dealing with the backlash of local citizens suffering at the hands of the Black King’s army. You feel for Yuri and his party, knowing you saw how hard they fought only to lose.


If you’re into fantasy and action, this is right up your alley. I’m six episodes in and I love it so far. Sadly there’s only 12 episodes and the last episode aired March 25th this year. Since the anime did come out this year I am still going to review it! Once I finish the episodes available, I’ll be sure to give a full detailed review! Have you seen this anime yet or played the game? Let me know and tell me what you thought of it!


-The Wife

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First Thought Mondays! “Worldend…”

This is the first post of our weekly blog series called “First Thought Mondays”. Every Monday we will try out a new anime, watch the first (and sometimes second) episode and I’ll give my first impressions of the anime so far and if I recommend it or not. As soon as we have more active followers, we will start asking for what anime you want us to try out!


This week, we checked out “Worldend. What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?”. Yes, that is the title. Long as hell but I’m guessing it doesnt sound so long in Japanese (now I’m curious and will probably look it up before I finish this blog lol).


My husband, Cameron, recommended this anime for us to try. He gave me a quick synopsis and I was intrigued. The first episode starts off with a woman talking about someone she loved and would do anything for. You see a glimpse of a man falling, bleeding, and looking frustrated. It’s a short clip before it goes to the next scene which follows a young girl on a floating island. Humans (most of them) were wiped out 500 years prior wiped out by strange beasts. Creatures who survived live in islands in the sky. She falls chasing a cat and a man catches her. It’s the same guy we see in the beginning. His name is Willem.


The anime doesn’t give away too much about past events, but just enough to make the present make more sense as to why the world is the way it is. Humans are not popular whatsoever, they’re shunned most of the time by other creatures. This doesn’t seem to bother Willem too much as the episode goes on. He’s aware of it but it doesn’t phase him. His friendliness to the girl (I can not remember her name. Horrible A.D.D.) wasn’t creepy and didn’t feel forced. Willem is clearly older than the girl by a few years so I was nervous at first that it could come across weird but it didnt. His time with this girl is brief. He brought her to the top of a building on a sky island they met on so she can see the view from up top. She explains she lives on the ground below and always sees the islands but never been on one. When she leaves with some military officers willingly, she suggests to him that he should forget her.


The next scene he shows up to a job he’s taking on with the military as a caretaker for a warehouse. He finds this warehouse to be a large house and it’s full of young girls (most of them under the age of 12). There is a point in time when Willem has a flashback of having children he knew fawn over him and call him “pops”. At first I was like, “Wait, what? Did he use to be a dad?”. Then when we’re shown his interaction with girls, my heart just melts. It’s not creepy how kind and sweet he is to them. He indulges in their curiosity and answers questions they have with ease. The girls of course start fawning over him and it’s absolutely adorable.


It comes to his attention that that weapons he was suppose to be caring for in a “warehouse” were actually the girls themselves. The young girl Willem had run into on the sky island was there also, for the same reasons as the other girls. Her age is 15. It’s clear she’s got a crush on Willem and it’s absolutely adorable. When she returns from a battle, he’s at her bedside while she recovers. She has a mentality (which is explained in the episode) that she will die one day fighting and makes a request to at least have a kiss from him so she has a connection with someone when she’s gone. She wants to be remembered. Of course, I was sort of expecting for him to just do it, to just kiss her like a lot of animes would have happen. However, he just told her basically it’s a sad way to think. She got embarrassed and when he reached for her I was cringing, waiting for it, but he just gently kissed her on the forehead. I turned into a damn puddle. OMG.


I don’t want to give too much away since I want other people to see it too! I definitely recommend this anime. The relationship between Willem and the children is heart warming. I’m a sucker for men who are good with children. GAH! So, my first impression is “next episode please!”.


We’re watching the dubs on Funimation and currently theres two episodes available to watch. On Crunchy Roll there’s four available. I recommend the dub because the cast is well done so far with talented voices you’d recognize if you watch dubs regularly. This anime will now be added to our list of weekly simulcast reviews!


Next week, we’re trying out “Super Lover”, which was recommended by a friend! Look for it next Monday!


-The Wife

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