The Ancient Magus Bride Mid Season Review

The Ancient Magus Bride is something that am particularly attached to. After the disaster of Worldend (I can’t even with the ending of that series -__-), I was bummed out that I didn’t get a decent romance for the season. Then I discovered The Ancient Magus Bride as soon as it started simulcasting and immediately started watching new episodes every week.


I LOVE this series so far. It gives a bit of a “beauty and the beast” kind of vibe although Elia’s personality is a lot more pleasant charming than the hot tempered grumbling beast of fairy tales. The opening of this anime is gorgeous and I watch it every episode without skipping it. I don’t skip most anime openings or endings because I tend to find entertainment value in them. The music is enchanting and you can almost feel the Chise’s emotions flowing through it, from despair to wonder. The opening vividly shows just what kind of impact Elias has on Chise’s life the moment he enters it.


The romance actually has developed faster than I anticipated but not in a way that felt rushed. They were both lonely wanting companionship and they quickly found it within each other. I love how different they are from each other because it balances the relationship between the two. Chise tends to make decisions based on how she feels while Elia’s bases them on logic.


I’m currently watching the dub and I’m pleased with casting choices. I’ve heard Brian Mathis’ voice in a fair share of anime and he’s pretty good at bringing out a character’s personality. He plays characters of this type very well which is probably why he tends to land these types of roles. I’m fine with that. Put people in their strong suits. I’m not familiar with Dani Chambers, but with as much dubbed anime as I’ve watched, I’m sure she’s been in something I’ve seen. I love her voice and what she brings to Chise’s tone and voice inflection. I think she does it perfectly and it suits the character. And then there’s the man whose in everything and he plays a character that just makes me laugh. There’s no way it’s a coincidence but if it is, then it’s a pretty hilarious one. If you’re familiar on who the top dogs of dubbed anime voice actors are, then you probably know I’m talking about Todd Haberkorn (huge fan). He plays Lindenbaum (or Lindel), who happens to be the care taker of dragons…DRAGONS. Makes me wonder if he’s fired up for the final season of Fairy Tail this September. XD Anyway, I love what he brings to this character. Although at first I tend to think of Natsu Dragneel every time I hear Todd’s voice, it never last long. After a few lines, his voice becomes the voice of the character he’s playing and then I forget this voice is also used for my favorite loud mouth dragon slayer. That takes incredible talent. Leave it to Todd to bring a lot to a side character without overshadowing the protagonists. Bravo. (I might be a tad biased).


According to online sources it looks like we’re getting 24 episodes. There’s 8 volumes of the manga released and from what I read it’s still ongoing (correct me if I’m wrong tho!). There’s so much mystery and so much unexplained, I just want to watch more and discover what happens between these two and the world they’re apart of. Have you been watching Ancient Magus Bride? What do you think of it so far? Let me know in the comments!


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Our Entertainment Tastes

I think I should discuss just what type of anime I watch so you know what reviews you could expect to appear on our blog. My husband has slightly different tastes so he will post later about what he prefers.


The type of anime I usually favor must have fantasy, some kind of romance, adventure, ecchi, and at least some fan service. It’s not the only type I watch, but an anime with those elements is highly likely to catch my interest.  I like an even amount of dialogue and action. Too much action can get boring and so can too much dialogue (unless it’s a slice of life). My favorite anime tend to have two main characters, one male and female working together. I also love good strong friendships within an anime. An anime has to pull me in with characters I can relate to and who bond with each other through out the series. It makes a moment of drama that much more powerful.


That doesn’t mean it’s the only type of anime I watch, however. There are a few that are a bit off the beaten path of my usual viewing. Attack on Titan is a big one. It’s definitely not a genre I watch hardly at all but this one was a rare that pulled me in. There’s also a few slice of life anime I happen to like and my most favorite right now is Masamune-Kun’s Revenge. OMG. You need to watch it if you haven’t. I adore Masamune. He’s a bit narcissistic but it’s adorable. I am open to watching anime out of my usual comfort zone but there is one thing I always must have and that’s a happy ending. I like my happy endings damn it. When I finish an anime, I wanna be crying tears of happiness! Not really, but you get where I’m going with this.


Now I should mention what kind of characters I tend to favor in any anime I watch. Most of the time he will have either all or at least one of these qualities: Hot temper, pervert, intelligent, introvert, skilled fighter and confident. Character’s that are my absolute favorites have these traits. Natsu of Fairy Tail, Meliodas of The Seven Deadly Sins, Vash from Trigun, Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, etc. I mentioned I’m playing Persona 5, so feel free to comment which character you think is probably my favorite. LOL


When I’m watching an anime, there’s categories I personally grade them on.

  1. The story
  2. Character depth (1 dimensional vs multi-dimensional)
  3. Setting
  4. Animation quality
  5. Art style
  6. Soundtrack
  7. Intros and outros
  8. Fillers….ugh. Fillers.


The same goes for the manga genres I read. I do not read slice of life mangas though. I prefer those in animes only. I am currently reading Fairy Tail, The Seven Deadly Sins, Boruto, and Noragami (although that one hasn’t updated in months -_-). When I catch up with Gintama, I might pick up the manga but Im going to cheat and start where the last episode or story arc ended. Lol If you think I might miss something substantial by doing that, please let me know and I’ll just read the whole thing. I really love the characters and the story, so I definitely don’t want to miss anything important!


I do not read any American comics. I read some Spider-man several years ago and watched Superman, Batman, and Spiderman cartoons but that’s about it. My favorite super hero IS Superman though. I do love my Superman. There’s more to that story, but I’ll talk about that some other time. I do still watch some of the DC animations since they’re pretty decent but don’t ask me to remember any of it. LOL This would be my husband Cameron’s expertise. He knows a lot more about Marvel and DC than I do! When it comes to movies however, I do watch Marvel and DC movies. I have been very displeased with the DC movies, however (don’t even get me started on Man of Steel. I get mad just thinking about it). Marvel has been nailing it of course. Deadpool was awesome and so has every other Marvel movie out there. I’d say Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avenger Movies, and Ant-Man are my favorite ones so far. I look forward to Deadpool 2 and Volume 2 of GOTG. Thor Ragnorok looks absolutely amazing. There’s just so many awesome Marvel movies coming out! I can’t wait to discuss trailers and review the movies once we’ve seen them!


Although anime tends to be the majority of my viewing, there’s plenty other things I watch and like. There’s no particular genre I go for. It either entertains me or it doesn’t. I’m not as judgmental with movies unless it’s based off a novel I’ve read (*cough* twilight *cough*). God knows I could talk forever about the Harry Potter movies (I own them all!). Which reminds me, I did recently watch Fantastic Beasts so I think I’ll definitely give some kind of review on my thoughts on that.


I kind of strayed off anime but I thought I should throw in what else we watch and read! We look forward to giving you more content to enjoy! We recently set up our MyPatreon page to help get our business funded so please be sure to check that out and share! We can use all the support we can get it!



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