Visions and Plans for The Two Sills

What I am hoping to provide is entertainment and the chance to learn about things alongside us. Whether it’s on our blog, future videos or any other ways we present our content those are the foundations I want to build off of.

While now we might only be offering blog posts we do hope to expand to video. In fact, I plan on doing some testing with my smart phone to see if the quality is decent enough for at least basic sit and talk vlogs. We plan to get to traveling hopefully in 2018. We want to visit many places, both domestically for us, showing small towns on the Oregon coast or a trip to the Redwood Forest, and internationally like our dream trip to Japan.

We want to include you, everyone reading or watching our videos in the future you tricky blog reading time travelers, in it to. We want to interact with you doing Q&A’s, live streams of cool places we visit, and most importantly we want to know what content you enjoy or don’t enjoy and what else you’d like to see us cover or do.

In the end its you who we work for, after all. So, we want to make sure that our growing community is happy and engaged because, honestly, why bother doing something like this otherwise?

In fact, I have ideas I’m looking into for additional content. Researching the legality and ways to do watch along of Anime with you fine folks as one teasing example of community events I’d like to include.

So, thank you for checking out our blog or however you found us and we hope that you enjoy what we have to offer.


Signed, The Husband Cameron


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