We Dream of Japan

I thought I’d talk about our ultimate goal, which is moving to Japan and raising a family there. My husband and I have gotten push back from it, but it hasn’t deterred us. We’ve set a goal and we’re determined.

If you’re American and live in America, you’re aware of the state of things. I won’t get into detail because then we’ll be touching controversial topics and that’s not what I want on this blog. The state of the country has us very motivated to move to Japan. It’s not the only motivation, but it is a reason.

We want our children to grow up in a different culture. Japanese culture fascinates us and we want to be part of that culture. Our children will have guaranteed quality education and they’ll be able to go to college as long as their grades are good (something we can’t afford in our own country). Not to mention my husband and I will have access to better care with our complex medical conditions.

Of course you’re thinking, wouldn’t that be a big culture shock? Of course it would. Moving to Japan is going to be difficult and so will be living there at first. Honestly, my main problem for me personally is not knowing the language (although I am studying right now).

I’m not really intimidated by the city of Tokyo. I’ve watched a lot of videos on it and follow a few youtubers who live in Japan so I can get an idea of what to expect. Another reason we wanna move is because life is short. Who says I have to finish my life in the country I was born in, and retire with a quiet life until death? That sounds boring to us. Cameron and I want to enjoy every year we got. When we’re retired we’ll still be exploring and seeing the world. I’ll be kicking until my body can’t move. Plus, in addition to learning Japanese, I may later take up Korean and Chinese. Why not Spanish? Knowing more than one language is good for the mind and can reduce the risk of dementia.

We’re excited about starting a new life in Japan. Right now, their population is dropping with older generations dying off and their millennials not having babies. They want immigrants. They’re in demand of English teachers and translators for English. Contrary to popular belief, most Japanese don’t speak English. The tourist spots like Akihabara, high end shopping, big hotels, etc have English speaking people but that’s about it. There’s also a U.S. military base in Okinawa so there’s English there too. My husband has decided to get a 4 year degree in Japanese language and culture, then pursue a translator job in Japan. I’d be working from home with my art and hopefully still updating this blog!

There’s a number of things I’m willing to give up to make this move:

1. driving

2. Purchasing a delorean

3. Wearing shoes indoors

4. My comfort zone

5. Marijuana (its legal in my state)

6. Using a purse (backpacks or messenger bags are more common and easier when living in Japan

There’s a few more things than that of course but those are the main ones. Guns are banned there but we’re okay with that. Their crime rates are low. A couple of female youtubers who live in Japan say they feel comfortable walking through the city at night there unlike here in the states. Apparently it’s legal to be drunk in public which I find amusing. I don’t drink myself but that would have made drinking more fun when I was younger! (I’m 35).

We’re still learning more about Japan and their culture. We want to make sure we’re completely prepared for a move like this. We hope you’ll learn a lot from us!

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First Impressions of Persona 5

My husband and I are both playing this game. He just finished it the other day and is playing in game plus mode now. I’m about thirty hours in. I work 40 hours a week and don’t get as much free time to get lost in a game.

This is my first persona game but not my first experience with turn based RPGs. I really enjoyed Nino Kuni, so I’m familar with the game play. Watching the trailers and hearing about all the hype for Persona 5 really peaked my interest. We’re very broke so we traded in some games we werent playing anymore and managed to purchase Persona 5 through the playstation store thanks to Gamestop.

I was hooked after the first battle in Kamashida’s palace (i probably butchered the spelling, sorry lol). It was easy to understand and it was nice to not feel pressured to attack the enemy immediately to get the fight over with. I could take a few moments to think of a strategy and figure out an enemie’s weakness. This made the game much more enjoyable for me and I wish I had played the earlier Persona games.

I appreciate the amount of guidance i get through out the game so far. It makes it less intimidating to play. You don’t have to be a hard core RPG master to play this game. It’s that easy, plus you have a variety of modes to choose from, Easy up to Merciless. I’m currently playing on normal. My second play through I will probably move up to hard. If you haven’t played the game yet, I will warn you, you WILL get lost at the train station when switching trains the first time to get to school. Don’t panic. That’s the only time it happens, at least so far. LOL

So that’s my first impressions of Persona 5 so far. I don’t want to give away too much. My husband played 130 hours before he finished the game so there’s a LOT of game play. ┬áMy next review I’ll be giving major spoilers so if you haven’t played yet, be sure to skip that post! My husband will be giving his impressions of the game eventually. We’ll always sign our names at the ends of posts so you know whose post your reading!

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Seven Deadly Sins Ch 214 & 215 Review

A lot happened in these two chapters. Hell, a lot has happened period since Diane and King went back in time as the Giant King and Fairy King.

So the previous Fairy King got driven made when he thought his sister was dead. Man can this manga be brutal! Looked like her legs were missing!

Seeing what the Holy War was like 3000 years ago really puts current events happening in Brittania into perspective. I get the impression the Goddess clan went too far. Everyone seemed to have gone too far. I guess the Giant King has chosen to join the Demon Clan? That’s the impression I got anyway.

The best part of these two chapters is the last page! I didn’t see that coming! She kissed him and said I love you! GAH!!!

If you’re reading the Seven Deadly Sins please comment with your thoughts!

Fairy Tail Manga Ch 533

Sure, perhaps it’s a bit late to be reviewing Fairy Tail since the manga ends in August but it’s basically gonna be good practice for me. Plus, rumor has it Mashima will do a second generation Fairy Tail manga.

So, latest chapter. Some serious shit is happening now. Anna seems to be a pretty awesome celestial wizard. It makes sense why Lucy is so awesome. Anyway, I keep wondering how long this play between the Pegasus ship and acnologia. My attention of course is more focused on what’s happening to Natsu, since last chapter, Zeref’s hand went through his chest. I still can’t get the tear filled look Natsu had when Zeref told him Markarov was dead! Gah!

Moving on…so Lucy rewrites the broken parts in Natsu’s book then Natsu gets back up on his feet. Of course I’m wohoo! Go Lucy! But it’s short lived on the last page of the chapter where Lucy looks frozen and not at all there anymore. Mashima really likes to keep us on our toes!

I may be biased since I adore this manga but I’ve enjoyed the pace of the chapters and all the twists and turns. Are you reading fairy tail? Share with me your impressions!

Anime and Manga Reviews

Below are a list of anime that are currently airing episodes that Cameron and I watch. I will start reviewing them starting on the next episode that airs or when the movie becomes available subtitled to watch. If you want my feedback on previous episodes, I’ll be posting them in a different section later. I also will post the list of manga I’m reading and will review as well.

Attack on Titan (sub)

My Hero Acadamia (dub)

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry (sub and dub)


Fairy Tail


The Seven Deadly Sins

It’s not much but that’s what I got for now. I am currently binge watching Gintama and may decide to give my impressions of it later. I noticed on Crunchy Roll it hasn’t updated in a month but I do get alerts that the manga is updated every week.

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Logo Creation

My husband and I put our heads together and came up with a simple logo for our channel. I don’t have much of a sketch to show, but this is what I have so far. Cameron said it was important to keep it something simple and easy to draw. It’s just a rough sketch so it looks crappy now but it will look better once it’s finished!

Starting from the Bottom

Our journey is starting from the very bottom.

My husband is out of work pending back surgery so we’re living off my McDonald’s Crew Training salary of $11.10 an hour. It hasn’t been easy. We’ve been struggling and have had to rely on donations from our GofundMe campaign just to stay afloat.

However, setting this goal to visit and eventually live in Japan has helped us push through the struggle we’re dealing with financially. Yes, life is stressful right now but that goal keeps reminding me that it won’t always be this way, that we will be in Japan.

There’s many things that draw my husband and I to Japan and it’s not just anime and manga. We love their culture and how they live. They live in a “collective society”. Their way of life is how Cameron and I prefer to live. We love and respect their traditions and would never want to change it. We want to be part of it. We want to experience their culture. We want to live like they do.

Before moving there we have to visit first. I can’t just assume that I’ll love living in Japan when I haven’t even been there yet. That goal is set for five years from now. I’m going to document our journey to get out from the bottom and start saving money for our visit to Japan. The first thing that has to be done is my husband need’s to get his back surgery. I am planning to call his doctor tomorrow and get him an appointment for a consult. Only after his surgery can he really get back to work.

There is is a bit of good news though. My mom is sending us some supplies through boxed.com. She’s helped us quite a bit since my husband had to quit his job when his back went out. She’s also sending us a PC! It’s just a basic one, nothing fancy but it’s coming with a printer too so we can print out resumes! Also, my husband could try to find an online job he can do from home. I won’t get my hopes up though. Unfortunately there’s a lot of scam jobs out there.

Having a PC will also make it easier to update this blog.

That’s all I’ve got to say for today. I’ll post again when I find an extremely helpful video about Japan and their culture.