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So sorry for the delay, I know I haven’t blogged in a bit! Things have been hectic so it was difficult to blog the past couple weeks. The dust is settling a little bit so I DO have blogs for Worldend, Attack on Titan, and My Hero Academia on the way! Again, sorry for the delay!


-The Wife Shawna


Attack on Titan Ep 35 Review

This episode was interesting to say the least. Eren sure is a crazy bastard. Reiner was holding onto him like he was a wild dog. I couldn’t help but laugh when Eren was desperately biting at his arms. LOL. I can’t hate Ymir for her choices, especially after learning her past. To be adopted only to be thrown under the bus. I’m more than curious now about humans who turn into titans since it’s obvious Ymir didn’t start out that way. Her affection for Christa is sweet and I love the affect Christa has on Ymir. Personalty clashes like that are always my favorites.


Seems like this episode made me laugh more often. When the scouts run into Ymir in her titan form, it was obvious she was looking for Christa. I laughed when she ignored Conny. Then when Christa showed up, I did not expect Ymir to swallow her! I couldn’t help but laugh because of Christa’s reaction. “Eh?!” LOL. I think that was the first time a titan swallowing a human wasn’t terrifying, just funny.


So, Reiner and the others are on the run again. The scouts are still chasing them. I’m curious where they’re going. There’s a lot going on beyond what Eren’s home knows, or perhaps they do know and chose not to disclose the information? I’m curious about the turn of events! It’s too bad we’re only getting 13 episodes. Did you watch this episode? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!


-The Wife Shawna

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Attack On Titan Ep 34 Review

A lot of dialogue in this episode. The conversation with Eren and Reiner is interesting. It’s clear Reiner is suffering from severe mental issues and that’s kind of an explosive mix with someone who can turn into a Titan. Eren’s anger towards him is totally justified but at the same time I understand where Ymir is coming from. Trying to escape their current situation just wasn’t going to happen.


Meanwhile, I love how the scouts don’t hesitate to track Eren down. Mikasa and Armin stay positive that they’ll find Eren alive and save him, like they always have done since they were kids.


Eren has no pity for Reiner and his mental breakdown. Frankly, I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t either. It’s not easy to deal with the fact that someone you trusted betrayed you. Betrayal is probably one of the worst things you can ever feel. Eren just needs to hold his hot temper in check. I do wonder if he ends up getting himself killed by the end of this story. He definitely doesn’t care about his own life.


Bertholdt doesn’t say a whole lot this episode. Ymir can tell that he knows something is not normal with Reiner. His mental state is unstable. Eren’s temper snap’s when Reiner starts playing the victim and I loved it. I love how Eren always speaks up. So many times I watch anime and get frustrated when characters don’t question things I think they should be questioning. With this one, Eren always questions and cuts out the bullshit. It’s one of the things I love about his character.


Eren asking what Bertholdt was thinking when he kicked the wall and was the reason why his mother was unable to escape only to be eaten in front of him,  was well written. The raw emotion in that scene was palpable. The animation this season is just breathtaking. They’re really nailing the emotion with the animation and the voice acting. With Attack On Titan I just watch the subs. I’m not concerned about watching it english.


Can I just say that Reiner is a total ass? I’m not quite understanding why he’s acting like he was the victim being forced to kill people. I’m wondering whose pulling the strings since he seems to be full of regret. Eren is understandably upset. The shouting match between those too was intense. I liked how Ymir seemed to put a stop to his murderous rage for a few moments. At least someone with a rational head was there to keep Eren from doing something stupid. After she mentioned the monkey titan to Reiner and Bertholdt, their expressions were definitely making me curious. We didn’t get any questions answered but hopefully we will next episode. That damn thing is still a mystery!


The episode ends with the scouts closing in on Eren and Ymir’s location. Of course it wouldn’t take them long to find them! I’m hoping we get to see some fighting in the next episode! Did you watching this episode? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!


-The Wife Shawna

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Attack on Titan Ep 33

This episode slowed things down a bit and gave us a bit of flash back into Eren, Mikasa, and Armin’s past. At first, I thought it was redundant to see another flashback of Eren getting saved by Mikasa again. Then as it went on, it made sense why they showed it. I liked the transition of her yelling for him after he runs off after the scuffle and her waking up to the present time. It fit with the situation since Eren had been taken away. It reminded her of when he’d always leave them behind. Eren tries so hard to take care of things on his own and not drag anyone else into it. At least, thats the impression that I get.


Mikasa is one of my favorite characters and I just knew she would be frustrated once she woke up and found out it had been 5 hours since Eren had been taken away with Ymir. I remembered when she had followed Annie to take Eren back (one of my favorite scenes from last season!) and then of course she remembers that same moment. I love that she just wants to be by his side. It doesn’t matter to her that he always seems to fail. He keeps getting back up and I think that’s what drives her. No matter how dire things get, he keeps standing up and so it inspires her to do the same.


The character development can be seen here because there’s not as much fear and terror. There’s worry, sure, but they know that Eren is a fighter and won’t just go down. He’ll keep fighting back until they arrive to rescue him. I love that about the chemistry between them. There’s a bond there. It’s never really spoken too much, you just know its there and can feel it. I love animes that can convey that type of emotion effortlessly without really having to show it.


The episode mostly focused on holding onto hope and to not give up even though things seemed dire and unpredictable. This story has become unpredictable with so many things happening and secrets being revealed. I’m looking forward to the next episode but at the same time I’m bummed there’s only going to be 13 episodes this season. Not sure why we’re only getting half of what we got the first season but I guess there’s reasons. I just hope we don’t have to wait two more years for a third season. It’s hard to stay engaged in an anime when the seasons are so far spread apart! I could probably read the manga if I wanted but I’m already reading three different active mangas as it is. LOL


So what did everyone think of this episode? It was nice to slow things down before it picks up next episode with Eren in the forest with the titans and Ymir. I’m curious what Reiner and them have to say about why they turn into Titans and why they posed as humans!


-The Wife Shawna

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Attack on Titan Ep 32 Review

The fact that this entire episode was full of combat just made my day! Emotions were high for Eren and his determination was impressive. I know many fans can’t stand Eren, because he fails and stumbles a lot. So, what? We can’t have a character be absolutely invincible winning every single fight. That would get boring. If you want a good story with good character development, starting from the bottom and working your way up is the best way to do it. It’s also the best way to make an impression on viewers. That’s just my opinion anyway. Although I like Eren, Mikasa and Levi are my favorites, hands down.


Moving on. The pacing of this episode was extremely well done. We didn’t have confusing flashbacks. We had a couple but they were short and related to the current moment that was happening. Seeing Annie of course made my blood boil. Oooooh I hate her. -_- Anyway, still not a fan of the CGI version of the Colossal titan, but all we can do is just deal with it. I do my best to ignore that. It’s a bit of an eye sore to me. I like CGI but when it’s done right to the point you can’t even tell it’s CGI. There was no mystery what we saw wasn’t hand drawn.


The combat was amazing to watch. It was well done and well animated. Cameron identified some of the fighting style as jiu jitsu. He states it looks like that fighting style anyway. It was almost like watching a UFC fight. There were parts of the fight where we found ourselves laughing, but not in a bad way. Just when you think Eren is going to outsmart the armored titan and land a hit, he’s knocked back flying into the air. The anime did a great job at making you feel like this was going to go in Eren’s favor. Took me by surprise that it didn’t! However, all of his failures in the fight was worth it when he was finally starting to dodge hits. Gave me goosebumps!


The end of the episode as the cliff hanger of all cliff hangers. Here comes the Colossal Titan, barreling down from the wall towards Eren as he’s fighting the armored one. I’m griping the couch; my heart is pounding then “to be continued.” &^%#$@!#&**&%%#$@!!$$@!!!!! REALLY? Well, that’s one way to get an audience to keep watching. -_-


Now to wait another week. Things seem to be really heating up. Still have more mysteries to solve and so many questions swirling around in my head as to why the titan’s even exist and why there’s humans who can turn into them and it seems like it’s also vice versa? Something happened way before humans became decimated and I’m curious as to whatever that was. We’ll find out in a week!


-The Wife

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Attack on Titan Ep 31 Review

maxresdefault (1)It’s getting good. Every episode the show gets better and makes me want more. However, this season we haven’t seen a whole lot of Eren. We finally did in this episode and it was a twist I personally wasn’t expecting. I was totally giving Reiner and Bertolt the benefit of the doubt. I didn’t immediately think they were part of the Titan conspiracy of Annie and Ymir. Part of me thought it would be a little redundant but it turned out not to be when those two men turned into Titans. So now we have four people who can turn into Titans. The question now is why? I might consider reading the manga to find out more but from what I’ve heard, theres still a whole lot of mess going on with more unanswered questions. I have been sort of confused with this season, as good as it’s been. We’ve had a lot of action so this latest episode really slowed things down a lot till near the end. The best part was when Mikasa and Levi show up to save Eren when the Titan’s are turning into their forms. GAH! I love those two! They’re my favorites. I get why not everyone likes Eren but I still like him probably more than most. When the titan had Eren in his hand leaping off the wall, I loved how they showed his face and how betrayed he felt. You could feel how much it hurt him that people he called friends had been lying to him the entire time. That scene as he turns into a titan was fantastic. When the episode ended I was so bummed! I wanted to see that fight! He does fail a lot which gets on fan’s nerves I’ve heard, but the point is he keeps trying no matter how many times he fails. That’s what life is about, after all, trial and error. Perhaps theres a lot more character building involved with him further on in the series. I mean, when you watch episode 1 of Fairy tail and compare I to the last episode aired, many of the characters have matured and fail a lot less often. I can always hope for that. I’ve been a little disappointed in the animation. The opening and ending are perfect and gorgeous, but the animation of the episode seemed to lack a bit in some spots. As an artist, I notice these little things. I understand with animation there’s some detail you can skip and viewers barely notice. However, not the case with what I saw. There was just some scenes where the animation seemed a bit lazy in quality. Perhaps I’m just extra picky because I’m an artist. LOL I look forward to the next episode and discussing my reaction!


  • The Wife

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Review of Attack on Titan Season 2 

It’s time to give my impressions of Attack in Titan, up to the latest Season 2 episode. If you’re not caught up, skip this post! Lots of spoilers. I haven’t read the manga at all, I’ve only watched the anime, just to be clear.

I’m usually not into dark animes. I’m a very big empath and I’m not fond of a bunch of characters dying. I watched Wolf’s Rain and loved it until they all died at the end. ALL OF THEM. Totally ruined the anime for me. Lol

I watch Attack on Titan with a different mind set. I go into it knowing characters are going to die so I’m prepared for that. It’s just such a good anime. So many questions about what the hell is going on. Totally didn’t see the Ymir incident coming. My husband of course picked up on it the moment she was able to read that foreign language on the can. My brain doesn’t work that quick >.< It’s a shame she had to die but at least she died protecting someone.

That giant monkey looking thing intrigues me. I’m sure he has a lot to do with what’s going on. Still don’t know what’s happening with him on the other side of that wall now. I really want to see more of Mikasa (spelling?) and Levi fighting. It’s always amazing and beautifully animated. I’m a been bummed that we only get 13 episodes this year verses the 20+ we got two years ago but I’ll take what I can get. At least they didn’t do what Netflix did with The Seven Deadly Sins….4 episodes. Four god damn episodes. I need to rant about that later.

I know this review isn’t the best but I did watch the episode about three days ago so it’s not fresh in my mind. I will be updating the blog with a review for every anime I’m watching after every episode that airs. I’ll have a schedule set up so you know when to expect blog updates!

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