Chain Chronicle Series Review

I liked it. I didn’t love it, but I liked it. I liked it because it was a pretty good fantasy story full of different types of magical creatures. I liked the take on ogres, sprites, fairies, mages, etc. It was unique its own way. The animation was absolutely gorgeous and the fight scenes were well animated. There were times where I felt a few episodes were rushed but not enough to dislike the series as a whole.


I can’t say I love it and here’s why. The series lost me a bit when Yuri turned to the darkness. I detested that part of the story. I just didn’t like it. Its so cliche having a hero fall and get help to find his way back again. It’s redundant and I’m just not a fan of that type of scenario. Yuri was a great character. Perhaps I’m biased since he was my favorite but he always stood up, no matter how many times he was knocked down. It didn’t matter the darkness was trying to eat at him he always resisted. Since he wouldn’t submit, they had to make that demon witch push him over the edge. As soon as Yuri turned dark and joined the dark army, I just wasn’t as into the show anymore. I was thoroughly disappointed.


During the last two episodes I was concerned Yuri and Fina were both gonna die. If that was going to happen, it would totally ruin the entire series for me. I detest stories that kill off main characters. Maybe some people like that for dramatic affect, but personally I prefer my favorite characters to live, thank you very much. I was happy to see that Yuri and Fina didn’t die. I also loved how Yuri reacted when Fina went limp in his arms. It was clear he loved her and I sort of got all fan girl about it. I was elated to see her come back to life, back to Yuri.


I had hoped to see more what happened after the dark king was destroyed. I wanted to see more of Yuri and Fina, but I guess it really wasn’t necessary. Perhaps I’m biased since I happen to really like the relationship between  those two. lol


So in the end, I give it a 6 out of 10. It was decent. Not something I find the need to rewatch but I don’t regret watching it. If you like a good fantasy anime, I recommend it. It’s not too bad and if you like English dubs, the dubs are pretty good thanks to Funimation.


-The Wife Shawna

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First Thought Mondays! Chain Chronicle

So unfortunately I was not able to find Super Lover on Funimation or Crunchy Roll. I did find something else to try out. It already has 12 episodes out but it caught my attention and that would be Chain Chronicle.


It’s based off a video game although I didn’t know that till about three episodes in. The first episode starts off with a large war happening which I find intriguing. Usually you build up to a war, but this had it from the very beginning. We see a battle raging on with different mythical creatures fighting what’s called the “dark army”. A captain by the name of Yuri leads a “volunteer army” he started to take on the dark army and the Black king. When Yuri faces him in the throne room with a fighting “party” (ya know, like in an JRPG), I’m absolutely fascinated by the beautiful animation of the fight scenes. It’s fluid and gorgeous. The movements weren’t choppy and the colors were vibrant.


You think Yuri will when against this Black King, or at least made him disappear and come back later but no, that doesn’t happen. One of their party members disappears and Yuri is injured so badly he’s unconscious. The Black King wins the war and the episodes that follow chronicle their start from a painful loss, dealing with the backlash of local citizens suffering at the hands of the Black King’s army. You feel for Yuri and his party, knowing you saw how hard they fought only to lose.


If you’re into fantasy and action, this is right up your alley. I’m six episodes in and I love it so far. Sadly there’s only 12 episodes and the last episode aired March 25th this year. Since the anime did come out this year I am still going to review it! Once I finish the episodes available, I’ll be sure to give a full detailed review! Have you seen this anime yet or played the game? Let me know and tell me what you thought of it!


-The Wife

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