Fairy Tail…Why it’s AWESOME.

Talking about Fairy Tail or anything having to do with Fairy Tail is probably the best thing in the universe to me. I’m obsessed, it’s my favorite anime and always will be.


It’s funny how I even discovered it. I’d seen it on Netflix. It was suggested for me because I had been watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (another masterpiece I love), but I never tried it for the longest time. I just kept thinking, “Whats with the dude with pink hair? Looks dumb.” Eventually, I caved back in 2014 and decided, eh, what the hell. Eventually I was hooked and fell in love with Natsu. Haha.


It was later that year that I picked up the manga, reading the chapters as they were posted online. The story is just fantastic as well as the characters. The story starts out very simple. Boy meets girl, girl gets dream, blah blah. However, you quickly discover it’s far from typical and definitely far from simple. Hiro Mashima was fantastic at making his character’s different from your typical tropes. For example, Erza is beautiful and talented, but good god she’s incredibly awkward in normal social situations. It’s the funniest thing to see. At first you think Lucy is your typical air-headed blond but quickly find out she’s actually very intelligent and good at problem solving. Despite her sexiness though, she’s clumsy as hell. My man Natsu has a hot temper, something that’s popular for characters in animes and manga. However, despite his hot temper, he’s incredibly kind, not to mention forgiving. He gives off the impression he’s a bit slow, until you see him adapt his fighting style in mid battle depending on what opponents he’s facing. Even if he can’t come up with a strategy he already knows, he’ll make it up as he goes.

Lucy – “When did you learn how do to do that move?”

Natsu- “Just now.”

One of things that can make an anime lose its audience fairly quickly, is fillers. Oh god those fillers. Bleach and Naruto are prime examples of that. Bleach is probably the best. I lost interest in that anime two years ago, even though I did like it. The fillers didn’t make sense, they started right in the middle of canon story arcs, and I heard how the manga ended wasn’t loved by fans either. I didn’t like how the author pitted popular ships between characters against each other to create drama. I’m not a fan of that story telling technique. Tends to get on my nerves. However, this is not the case with the two Fairy Tail fillers. We won’t talk about filler episodes, since there weren’t too many of those. The Infinity Clock arc seamlessly intertwined with the canon story line. Mashima also created that arc, too and didn’t hesitate to give us some major Nalu moments. I loved how the lack of celestial wizards in existence connects Yukino and Lucy. Sure, they connect in the manga without that arc, but the infinity arc made the bond more believable and special. There was nothing confusing about the arc. It wasn’t too long and it fit right between two canon arcs, connecting the Tenrou Island and Magic Games arc. I heard some fans didn’t like it but I absolutely love it. Could care less what they think. LOL The second filler arc was the Celestial arc that occurs after the magic games. I’ll be honest, it’s not one of my favorite arcs but it wasn’t horrible either. We had Nalu moments within this arc also. I loved how protective Natsu was over Lucy. Since the magic games, Natsu’s protectiveness of her increased quite a bit. Seeing her future self die probably created a bit of trauma for him. The idea of losing her terrifies him. Oh, my hearts melting. Gah! I praise Mashima for his great use of his fillers. They were well done and seamless between canon arcs.


Lets talk about that fan service. Fairy Tail is an ecchi. The fan service is equal for both genders. Natsu and Lucy both tend to strut around half naked. However, the fan service is done in a way that isn’t vulgar. The way Mashima draws the women is natural and beautiful. There’s nothing vulgar about the revealing clothes he creates for his female characters. It’s done in a way that you know he’s appreciating feminine beauty. The fact that Lucy always seems to lose her clothes cracks me up. It’s a funny gag that never fails to make me giggle. There’s some naughty bits of course with Lucy accidently sitting on Natsu’s face or her boobs in his face. Some part of her body always seems to land in his face. I love the fact it never makes him blush. Boobs, crotch, nudity…none of it phases him. He never comes across as a pervert either except the one time he covered Lucy’s breasts for her. That’s the one time I’m fairly certain Natsu knew exactly what he was doing. I know he aint that dense when it comes to the opposite sex. Prime example of that is when he’s telling Elfman and Erza that Lucy’s taking a shower, then asks if they want him to check on her. Takes him a second to realize why Elfman was telling he can’t do that, but when it clicks, he acts like any other heterosexual male. Haha.


I know some people seem to get frustrated with how slow the “romance” is developing between Natsu and Lucy. Here’s the thing though. Just because they ain’t making out and there’s no confessions of undying love, doesn’t mean it’s not there. They’re best friends. They don’t have to show constant affection like that to express they care for another. They have a deep bond and trust that developed over years of fighting together. They love spending time with each other, usually no matter what it is, Natsu just always wants Lucy around. If you’ve seen this anime, then you remember how he pouted throughout the Sakura Festival because Lucy’s was sick at home and couldn’t be there. She was on his mind the entire time. He sent a damn tree down the river for her. You don’t do that for a regular best friend. If that’s not romantic, I don’t know what is. See, my husband and I have a similar relationship. We’re affectionate at home but in public we’re best friends hanging out. Once in a while we may share a kiss in public but it’s rare. We don’t find the need. Personally, I love how Mashima has developed the relationship between these two. He’s done it naturally and slowly over time, like how it would happen in reality. Natsu didn’t even start being clingy towards Lucy until over 50 episodes in.


All the ships are clearly defined in Fairy Tail and I love it that way. There’s so many canon ships, there’s a ship type for everyone! Of course, Nalu is the fan favorite. My husband actually likes Gajeel and Levy. I have a sister in law who likes the idea of Gray and Lucy, but she doesn’t mind Nalu either. She just likes Gray more. Gray’s okay. Lol I don’t want his character gone but I don’t leap for joy and get excited when I see him like I do with Natsu.


I can’t express how fantastic I think Fairy Tail is. I wish it was bigger in America but anime in general isn’t big in America. It’s bigger than it used to be and you can usually find comic shops with plenty of anime and manga merchandise in them, but I mostly see Naruto, One Piece, and Dragon Ball. I haven’t been able to do any manga or anime shopping recently at my favorite comic book shop so they may have more merchandise now. Last time I went (a year ago), they were starting to get more merchandise which was nice to see. They also finally had more manga volumes. For a while I could only find the volumes at Barnes and Noble. Thankfully they were the same price but I prefer to support the local business owner of my comic shop than a big franchise store. Fairy Tail is big in Japan, I do hear that a lot. The movie that just came out was selling out the special addition programs and they’re incredibly hard to find they sell out so fast. I can’t wait to go to Japan and check out the Fairy Tail merch in Akihabara! I will be streaming that live when we finally get to do that!


Any of you watch Fairy Tail? What do you think of it? Do you have a favorite character or guild? Let me know! I love meeting other Fairy Tail fans and discussing it!


-The Wife

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