Business Updates.

Well I haven’t written one of these in awhile! It’s our second month with our website and boy is it a challenge to keep up with the content! I fell behind for a bit there and I am sorry for that. I’m all caught up now and I’m going to work on staying on schedule!


Attack on Titan is over now so it’s going to have it’s Sunday Review slot replaced with something else. I have been debating on doing fan art once a week. I would do a black and white version and have the colored version available on our MyPatreon. I will even take on requests for specific anime characters. I struggle drawing American comics, but anime and manga, I’m your girl.


We didn’t get as many visitors this month so far, haven’t hit 200 yet. It’s a little disappointing but it’s only month two so I’m trying not to dwell on it. This type of business is slow to start. I am happy we’ve gained a couple followers this month though so that makes me happy!


I’m trying to come up with new content ideas for next month to try and get us more followers and traffic. I’m hoping my art will be a good start. I know Attack on Titan Reviews were on Sundays, so you’d think Fan Art would replace it on that day, but I’m going to move it to Fridays. Fan Art Fridays just sounds good. Haha. I’m thankful for those of you who participate and leave comments! I love discussing anime and manga, so I encourage more of you to comment! Also, if you have any suggestions for anime I should watch, let me know! I’m actually checking out Food Wars. I’ll be sure to give my first impressions of that one on Monday! I haven’t done any first impressions in a couple weeks and that’s mostly because I hadn’t discovered a new anime I felt worth watching or blogging about. Food Wars though, will get a fairly decent blog post. I have a lot to say about that one. LOL


Thankfully, the month aint over yet! We got “Castlevania” coming to Netflix which I can’t wait to check out that original anime! I’ve heard of the game so I’m fairly familiar with it. Cameron will be reviewing that one since he actually played the game as a kid so he can give a decent critique. I’ll probably review it too, though. Cam will be able to review as a gamer and I’ll review it as an anime fan. Our perspectives should be different so that should be some good content!


Well, thought I’d do a little update. Not a whole lot is going on, mostly playing the waiting game for Cam to get surgery and back to work. Once he’s back to work, I’ll have more time to dedicate to this blog and have even more content. Thanks to all of you who have stuck with us so far! Be sure to watch for the first of the month blog which will review the previous month and let you know what we have in store for July!


-The Wife Shawna

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The Monthly Blog: We Made It Through the First Month!

We’ve officially had our blog site up a month now and it has already been a challenge to keep it active but I love the challenge. We’ve had 384 views, 219 visitors, 113 likes, 23 comments, and 22 followers for the month of May. It may not seem like a  lot, but it is to me and I’m happy with the start of our blog so far. Our goal is to reach even more people and hopefully get some patrons to help support us to get you guys more content!

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Business Updates

Thought I’d provide a little update on the progress we’re having so far with our blog! We’re up to 19 followers and we’re consistently getting traffic to our site every day. Each week we have more visitors so far. I’m aiming for us to have even more followers and visits in our third week! Cameron is working on a new series about older manga that will start on Thursdays so be sure to watch for that if you’re a manga fan. We’re on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr now.


Cameron is working on getting our first video vlog set up on our Youtube Channel which I’m excited for since it will be our first vlog! We’re limited on equipment but that’s why we set up our MyPatreon so if you’re interested in seeing more content be sure to become a Patron! We want to bring you all the best content since we do work for you!


My goal for the month of May is for us to reach 50 followers. If we do, in celebration I’ll draw a new art piece! I’ll even post a poll to see what you wall would like to see me draw. If you haven’t seen my work, be sure to check out our Art Gallery where you can find some of my fan art. Once business picks up, I look forward to getting a digital art pad to bring more art for you all to enjoy! I’ll have art available to purchase eventually too.


So, help us out and share us on social media and tell your friends about our blog! Thank you to all who follow us. We appreciate you!


-The Wife Shawna

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First Thought Mondays! Chain Chronicle

So unfortunately I was not able to find Super Lover on Funimation or Crunchy Roll. I did find something else to try out. It already has 12 episodes out but it caught my attention and that would be Chain Chronicle.


It’s based off a video game although I didn’t know that till about three episodes in. The first episode starts off with a large war happening which I find intriguing. Usually you build up to a war, but this had it from the very beginning. We see a battle raging on with different mythical creatures fighting what’s called the “dark army”. A captain by the name of Yuri leads a “volunteer army” he started to take on the dark army and the Black king. When Yuri faces him in the throne room with a fighting “party” (ya know, like in an JRPG), I’m absolutely fascinated by the beautiful animation of the fight scenes. It’s fluid and gorgeous. The movements weren’t choppy and the colors were vibrant.


You think Yuri will when against this Black King, or at least made him disappear and come back later but no, that doesn’t happen. One of their party members disappears and Yuri is injured so badly he’s unconscious. The Black King wins the war and the episodes that follow chronicle their start from a painful loss, dealing with the backlash of local citizens suffering at the hands of the Black King’s army. You feel for Yuri and his party, knowing you saw how hard they fought only to lose.


If you’re into fantasy and action, this is right up your alley. I’m six episodes in and I love it so far. Sadly there’s only 12 episodes and the last episode aired March 25th this year. Since the anime did come out this year I am still going to review it! Once I finish the episodes available, I’ll be sure to give a full detailed review! Have you seen this anime yet or played the game? Let me know and tell me what you thought of it!


-The Wife

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Preparing Our Youtube Channel

Yesterday, Cameron created the “intro” to be placed at the beginning of all of our videos once we start vlogging! Apparently he found where we can get music that isn’t copyrighted which was very helpful. It’s a cute little intro, upbeat and bubbly! Goes with the mood of our videos since we’re totally a cutesy couple. Haha.


It’s really exciting to see our business come together one step at a time. We’ve been talking about creating a channel and blogging for a couple years now. We love exploring places, food, and entertainment so why not blog and vlog about it, right? Do we want to become part of the Youtuber community and make money that way? Yes that is our goal. We know it will take a couple years or longer for that even to happen but we are determined. We follow a lot of youtubers who do similiar things to get ideas and tips of what makes people want to watch a youtuber who reviews things like this. I’m happy with our blog is going so far, we’ve gotten some decent traffic since we started on May 2nd. Almost 150 views so far! Sure, that’s very small but its exciting for me anyway!


It’s just really thrilling to see an idea start to become real. When Cameron showed me the intro he made I got giddy and excited. It’s happening. It’s really happening. We’re doing this and our future is exciting to think about. Cameron and I both already have experience with travel. Growing up, my parents took my brother and I on vacation every summer. I had been to 33 states before the age of 16. I’ve seen the Grand Canyon, Disney World, and New York City. I’m from Los Angeles originally, so I’ve been to a lot of tourist spots down there. Before Cam lost his job (for medical reasons we’re still dealing with currently) we traveled to the Oregon Coast every August for our anniversary and to see my parents. Cameron was a navy brat so he’s been to some interesting places across the United States. Sadly, traveling out of the country is not something him and I have had the pleasure of doing. We hope in a few years we’ll be able to take pictures from the Tokyo Skytree, walk along the London Bridge, and see the highlands of Scotland. We want to see the world and share our experiences with everyone.


Another part of our business will also be our art and crafts. I do have a gallery set up on our site, so if you haven’t seen my work yet, be sure to check it out here. I drew our logo! The anime cat girl is going to be our mascot. Hehe. Cameron is creative too so expect a gallery of his own work also. Some of the items we give away in contests will be created by us, so you’ll get something totally unique! We also will be selling our work once we’ve created a enough merchandise!


Those of you who follow us, we can use all the support we can get! Be sure to share our blog on social media! Also, send us any recommendations for stuff you’d like us to check out and review! We really love feedback so any tips on how we can improve and draw in more readers would definitely be appreciated!



-The Wife

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First Impressions of Persona 5

My husband and I are both playing this game. He just finished it the other day and is playing in game plus mode now. I’m about thirty hours in. I work 40 hours a week and don’t get as much free time to get lost in a game.

This is my first persona game but not my first experience with turn based RPGs. I really enjoyed Nino Kuni, so I’m familar with the game play. Watching the trailers and hearing about all the hype for Persona 5 really peaked my interest. We’re very broke so we traded in some games we werent playing anymore and managed to purchase Persona 5 through the playstation store thanks to Gamestop.

I was hooked after the first battle in Kamashida’s palace (i probably butchered the spelling, sorry lol). It was easy to understand and it was nice to not feel pressured to attack the enemy immediately to get the fight over with. I could take a few moments to think of a strategy and figure out an enemie’s weakness. This made the game much more enjoyable for me and I wish I had played the earlier Persona games.

I appreciate the amount of guidance i get through out the game so far. It makes it less intimidating to play. You don’t have to be a hard core RPG master to play this game. It’s that easy, plus you have a variety of modes to choose from, Easy up to Merciless. I’m currently playing on normal. My second play through I will probably move up to hard. If you haven’t played the game yet, I will warn you, you WILL get lost at the train station when switching trains the first time to get to school. Don’t panic. That’s the only time it happens, at least so far. LOL

So that’s my first impressions of Persona 5 so far. I don’t want to give away too much. My husband played 130 hours before he finished the game so there’s a LOT of game play.  My next review I’ll be giving major spoilers so if you haven’t played yet, be sure to skip that post! My husband will be giving his impressions of the game eventually. We’ll always sign our names at the ends of posts so you know whose post your reading!

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