Fan Art Friday

Welcome to Fan Art Fridays! Each Friday I will sketch fan art of an anime/manga character. Sometimes it will be sketches of scenes from anime/manga and some will be original fan art. Original fan art will have the black and white version that’s publicaly posted and a colored version available to MyPatreon members! For the first piece, I sketched chibi Gintama! This isn’t an original, I sketched it freehand from an image I found.  If you like my work be sure to check out our art gallery! 


Anime and Manga Reviews

Below are a list of anime that are currently airing episodes that Cameron and I watch. I will start reviewing them starting on the next episode that airs or when the movie becomes available subtitled to watch. If you want my feedback on previous episodes, I’ll be posting them in a different section later. I also will post the list of manga I’m reading and will review as well.

Attack on Titan (sub)

My Hero Acadamia (dub)

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry (sub and dub)


Fairy Tail


The Seven Deadly Sins

It’s not much but that’s what I got for now. I am currently binge watching Gintama and may decide to give my impressions of it later. I noticed on Crunchy Roll it hasn’t updated in a month but I do get alerts that the manga is updated every week.

If there’s any suggestions you have, please comment and don’t forget to subscribe!