Fairy Tail Manga chapter 539 Review

Now we have a crack in the sky. I theorized this was Acnologia and while Wendy and the others began to panic as the crack increased, I knew my suspicions were probably right. Then of course, Acnologia’s arm comes crashing out of the crack. Seeing the blue pegasus guild deal with this horror while still morning over Ichiya definitely pulled at the heart strings. I really love Mashima’s story telling. He knows how to suck you in and love all the characters he created, no matter how annoying that had been.


Acnologia is absolutely terrifying. To think that failed to even wipe out his existence. It makes me wonder what’s happened to Ichiya and Anna. Did they really die? Acnologia survived but he does eat magic, so that might have something to do with it. That Eternal Flare attack made his destruction of Tenrou Island look tiny in comparison. Mashima did well to draw out just how large and terrifying this dragon and his magic is. I honestly can’t tell what town he’s destroying though. Is that Magnolia? Since Erza’s mother’s spell broke, I don’t know where anyone is anyone more at this point. lol Except for Lucy and them. I know where they are. LOL


After his massive attack, he makes Wendy vanish. This is curious and I’m glad this is quickly answered with in the next pages. All the dragon slayers start to disappear. This of course makes me think, what’s happened to Natsu? The image of Lucy sobbing his name ripped my heart out. In her perspective, he’s vanished from existence. The amount of trauma that she must be feeling had to be overwhelming. She has lost so many people close to her. Her parents, Aquarius, watching herself die, and then when Natsu disappeared for a year. Now she thinks he’s dead.


And then the next page….NATSU’S ALIVE! You have no idea how much his disappearance was giving me damn anxiety all week! I was so afraid Lucy was going to have to do something special to bring him back. Really was hoping for something different. Well, Mashima definitely delivered on that! So, Natsu is fine. He was just transported with the other dragon slayers to face Acnologia. This is going to be awesome. I can not WAIT for this fight!

With Lucy sobbing over Natsu’s “death”, I keep thinking what an intense reunion this could end up being when she see’s Natsu is alive. We did get a kiss between Haru and Ellie in Rave Master so whose to say we wont get one in Fairy Tail? And unlike Rave Master, Fairy Tail is an ecchi. *snicker* Well, anyway, I’m hoping this will lead to an eventual awesome Nalu moment. I’m biased in that regard I know. I enjoy the story of Fairy Tail itself too though and I love the fight scenes.


Did you read this chapter? What did you think of it? Are you excited for the next battle? Let me know in the comments!


-The Wife Shawna

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Fairy Tail Ch 536 Review

Wow. That chapter was awesome! I heard spoilers that some fans were concerned but this would be the American audience mostly. I don’t know what the reactions are in Japan regarding the manga so far. Personally, I think English audiences tend to be too picky and petty. Then again, I’m very biased when it comes to Fairy Tail.


So, a lot of things happened this chapter. We see Natsu take Zeref down and it’s AWESOME. Some fans were concerned that it was too easy for him to just one shot Zeref. How is it a one shot? Natsu and Zeref have been fighting for several chapters now, so it’s not a one shot hit. They’ve been trading blows for awhile now. Natsu finally just won the damn fight. What’d you expect? There’s only ten chapters left! Eventually the fight had to end. I love how he left the rest to Mavis. The look in Mavis’ eyes were pretty depressing. I can’t imagine what she has to do now after all she went through. I’m curious if Zeref is going to go back to his old self and be full of regret.


Ichiya was not a character I was particularly fond of so the way he went out, I thought was pretty heart warming. At first, I felt sad that Anna was going too. I was hoping she would get to meet Lucy. However, it seemed fitting that she went with Ichiya to take out Acnologia. The final words she said to him, “You really are a handsome man” was a beautiful way for him to go out. My eyes stung and I found myself smiling. I see why Mashima shed tears for him. Mashima is really good with instilling so much emotion within you even with characters you didn’t really like. It was a fitting ending for him. I’m curious if they’ll do flash backs in the anime of all his antics like they did for characters in the Tartoros Arc. It would definitely add more emotion especially for those who only watch the anime.


I know some fans didn’t seem to like that Ichiya was the one to take out Acnologia. I’ve heard they expected Natsu to take him out in revenge for killing Igneel. Here’s the thing though. That’s not who Natsu is. He’s not a vengeful person. He’ll knock someone’s lights out to teach them a lesson, but he never wants to take revenge to the same level as his brother Zeref or even like Gray would. After all, who was the one who always talked Gray out of making stupid vengeful decisions like that? Natsu.


Mashima’s work is unique for a reason. None of his characters follow the typical tropes known in mangas. He avoids that purposely and that’s why I love his work. He did the same thing in Rave Master (if you haven’t read that, you need to. He got a lot of inspiration for Fairy tail from it). One of things that always disappoints me with typical stories is how they always have the hero lose his way at some point. Why? Why does the hero always have to lose his way to discover his destiny? I think it’s stupid. Why can’t we just get a character who sticks to his convictions no matter what? Why can’t we get a character who never gets swayed to be evil, no matter how dire the circumstances are?Yes, Natsu and Gray faced each other, but for the love of god, that’s because Gray wouldn’t get the hell out of his face! Natsu didn’t even want to fight him. He wanted nothing to do with him. He wanted to find Zeref. He told Gray this repeatedly while fighting him, to get the hell out of his way. I blame Gray. Damn you, Gray. lol


I’m excited for the next chapter. I’m curious what will happen when Lucy and Natsu reunite, and what Mavis will do with Zeref. What is your thoughts on this chapter? Did you like it? Were you a fan of Ichiya? Let me know in the comments and lets discuss!


-The Wife Shawna

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