My Hero Academia Ep 26 Review

I’m excited for this new story arc that’s starting! I have read some of the manga but I haven’t read this arc just yet. Seems like Deku is gaining some publicity and its a little overwhelming for him; for all the students it seems like. I was excited to watch this episode because I knew they would be picking hero names (I did read THAT part in the manga!).


I love how Midnight was in charge of approving the names they picked out. She was really into it. Picking your name is an important part of a being a pro hero so I can see why its essential you pick out a good name. You don’t want a shitty name stuck to you for life that you can never escape from. Have I mentioned that I adore Bakugo? I loved how he got teased that pros were probably afraid to recruit him and his response was just priceless. LMFAO. I also want to add I really love Midnight’s outfit. Looks like a fun cosplay. Haha.

The hero names were hit and miss. Some of them were like WTF? and others were too long. I loved Froppy! That one was cute and totally fit her quirk. Red Riot is another one I really liked too. Those names were great. We wont talk about “can’t stop twinkling” -.- . Bakugo keeps wanting to add murder to his name. LOL Cam and I couldn’t stop laughing. The rest of the heroes seemed to nail their names. Many of them were typical while some were unique. Then there’s Shouto. LOL Well, I don’t blame him for just sticking with his name. Uravity was cute, too. Really loved it. It makes sense why Ida didn’t take his brother’s. It seems like his mental state is a bit unstable which usually isn’t good with any kind of super hero.


I loved that Izuku picked “Dekku” as his name! It’s what everyone already calls him anyway so it made sense. He wants to be his own person. I like how he grasped the name and turned it into something positive. Well, we all know that’s gonna piss off Bakugo. Haha. Surprisingly, Dekku got recruited! And by All Might’s former teacher no less! I’m looking forward to what’s going to happen next with all the heroes and their work place experience!


I like how Dekku has fit in nicely with his classmates. In middle school he was teased and made fun of constantly. He got laughed at constantly. At UA though he’s accepted by his classmates. They’re all friends. He’s not an outsider.


I’m excited to see how this story develops. I heard there’s a lot of character development for Bakugo, so I’m looking forward to seeing that since he’s my favorite! Did you watch this episode? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!


-The Wife Shawna

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-The Wife Shawna 

My Hero Academia Ep 21 Review

We got a lot more fights in this episode. Ibara vs Kaminari was a quick fight. While watching, ┬áCameron totally called it too. “This will be over quickly,” he’d said and sure enough, it was. I love Kaminari’s character. He may be a little over confident but he’s charming. Ibara’s quirk was more powerful than I had anticipated. Students coming out of class 1B have been pretty impressive. It’s interesting seeing different types of classes and what kind of ability these students have since not all of them could be in the Hero course. Poor Kaminari, though. He didn’t have much of a chance. He got too cocky and didn’t use any defense! Dummy.


I like the small cut scenes they make to the stands where Izuku is taking vigorous notes on each student and their quirks. His dedication and determination is admirable and its interesting to see how his classmates react and admire that. I giggled when Bakugo was getting aggravated with Izuku’s muttering. I just adore Bakugo and his temper! haha. Am I the only one who loves this guy? Anyway, I felt for Ochaco and her fear. She has confidence in her abilities but she’s going to face Bakugo so I’d be just as terrified. 0.0


Ida vs Mei. Oh geez, where do I begin with this one? I was too busy laughing than really paying attention to any of the skills. We know Ida has the ability to move quick on his feet with his quirk but he didn’t get much of a chance to show it off wearing that extra equipment Mei gave to him. He’s so polite and follows the rules, it’s endearing. I like how Mei has completely accepted her role as a support hero and does her best to sell herself and her equipment. I like her quirk of being able to see far distances. That’s definitely a useful support quirk! She just didn’t care about advancing. She just wanted to be seen!


I was excited to finally see what Mina’s quirk can do. Not only is she strong and able to move quickly with her quirk, she’s smart and pays attention to the weaknesses of her opponents so she can exploit them to her advantage. I was never a fan of Yuga so it was nice to see him get put on his ass. That upper cut was brutal but glorious. Was not opposed to that fight being as quick as it was.


We had already seen what Tokoyami can do with his quirk so I was more interested in seeing Yaoyorozu could do with hers. I didn’t expect her to be so nervous but she was already intimidated by Tokoyam’s quirk before the fight even started. I think thats what put her at a disadvantage. She doesn’t have much experience thinking on her feet so that what cost her the fight. She was too busy worrying about defense she didn’t even notice he was shoving her back over the line. Hopefully this won’t hurt her confidence too much. I felt bad for her for how emotional she got. I could relate. It’s frustrating when you don’t even get a chance to prove yourself!


When we go back to the stands, we see that Ochaco had left and I wasn’t surprised. She was so nervous and struggling to hold onto her confidence as each match ended quickly. I sense some serious character development in the works which gets me excited. Deep rooted character development is the key to making a great story.


Eijiro vs Tetsutetsu. Nothing all to exciting about this fight. Their quirks were almost identical and they were evenly matched. Their personalities were the main differences between those two. If you watch the dubs, I find it funny that the same voice actor who played Gajeel of Fairy Tail also played Tetsutetsu…both characters have steel in their abilities. LOL. Makes me wonder if Funimation did that on purpose.


Ochaco is admirable because despite her lack of confidence she has determination to advance further. Her family’s happiness is what drives her and I can’t think of anything more heartwarming than that. She’s such a sweet girl and it’s cute how she struggles to be competitive. However, facing Bakugo is giving her more drive and determination since she knows he will be a tough opponent. He won’t hold back since she’s a girl (surprise surprise lol). I’m really looking forward to this fight. I love Bakugo, but I’m ready to see Ochaco humble him by defeating him. It’s time for Bakugo to lose and be humbled. Perhaps it will bring his temper down a notch!


The pacing of this episode was brilliant. I’m glad they didn’t drag the fights out. Gave me nostalgic memories of the Grand Magic Games in Fairy Tail. The fights that ended quickly made sense and it didn’t seem rushed. It was also nice to see how Izuku seemed to influence and inspire his classmates. They admire and notice his determination to win. His drive to win isn’t the same drive as Bakugo, who’s just selfish. Izuku has different goals. He doesn’t want to be top dog, he just wants people to look to him when they need to be saved. He wants them to feel safe and count on him to protect them. It’s wonderful and I just can’t wait to see the next episode! I’ve been waiting to see Bakugo fight for awhile now and I finally get to see it next week!


What did you think of the episode? Which fight was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


-The Wife Shawna

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