Preparing Our Youtube Channel

Yesterday, Cameron created the “intro” to be placed at the beginning of all of our videos once we start vlogging! Apparently he found where we can get music that isn’t copyrighted which was very helpful. It’s a cute little intro, upbeat and bubbly! Goes with the mood of our videos since we’re totally a cutesy couple. Haha.


It’s really exciting to see our business come together one step at a time. We’ve been talking about creating a channel and blogging for a couple years now. We love exploring places, food, and entertainment so why not blog and vlog about it, right? Do we want to become part of the Youtuber community and make money that way? Yes that is our goal. We know it will take a couple years or longer for that even to happen but we are determined. We follow a lot of youtubers who do similiar things to get ideas and tips of what makes people want to watch a youtuber who reviews things like this. I’m happy with our blog is going so far, we’ve gotten some decent traffic since we started on May 2nd. Almost 150 views so far! Sure, that’s very small but its exciting for me anyway!


It’s just really thrilling to see an idea start to become real. When Cameron showed me the intro he made I got giddy and excited. It’s happening. It’s really happening. We’re doing this and our future is exciting to think about. Cameron and I both already have experience with travel. Growing up, my parents took my brother and I on vacation every summer. I had been to 33 states before the age of 16. I’ve seen the Grand Canyon, Disney World, and New York City. I’m from Los Angeles originally, so I’ve been to a lot of tourist spots down there. Before Cam lost his job (for medical reasons we’re still dealing with currently) we traveled to the Oregon Coast every August for our anniversary and to see my parents. Cameron was a navy brat so he’s been to some interesting places across the United States. Sadly, traveling out of the country is not something him and I have had the pleasure of doing. We hope in a few years we’ll be able to take pictures from the Tokyo Skytree, walk along the London Bridge, and see the highlands of Scotland. We want to see the world and share our experiences with everyone.


Another part of our business will also be our art and crafts. I do have a gallery set up on our site, so if you haven’t seen my work yet, be sure to check it out here. I drew our logo! The anime cat girl is going to be our mascot. Hehe. Cameron is creative too so expect a gallery of his own work also. Some of the items we give away in contests will be created by us, so you’ll get something totally unique! We also will be selling our work once we’ve created a enough merchandise!


Those of you who follow us, we can use all the support we can get! Be sure to share our blog on social media! Also, send us any recommendations for stuff you’d like us to check out and review! We really love feedback so any tips on how we can improve and draw in more readers would definitely be appreciated!



-The Wife

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We Dream of Japan

I thought I’d talk about our ultimate goal, which is moving to Japan and raising a family there. My husband and I have gotten push back from it, but it hasn’t deterred us. We’ve set a goal and we’re determined.

If you’re American and live in America, you’re aware of the state of things. I won’t get into detail because then we’ll be touching controversial topics and that’s not what I want on this blog. The state of the country has us very motivated to move to Japan. It’s not the only motivation, but it is a reason.

We want our children to grow up in a different culture. Japanese culture fascinates us and we want to be part of that culture. Our children will have guaranteed quality education and they’ll be able to go to college as long as their grades are good (something we can’t afford in our own country). Not to mention my husband and I will have access to better care with our complex medical conditions.

Of course you’re thinking, wouldn’t that be a big culture shock? Of course it would. Moving to Japan is going to be difficult and so will be living there at first. Honestly, my main problem for me personally is not knowing the language (although I am studying right now).

I’m not really intimidated by the city of Tokyo. I’ve watched a lot of videos on it and follow a few youtubers who live in Japan so I can get an idea of what to expect. Another reason we wanna move is because life is short. Who says I have to finish my life in the country I was born in, and retire with a quiet life until death? That sounds boring to us. Cameron and I want to enjoy every year we got. When we’re retired we’ll still be exploring and seeing the world. I’ll be kicking until my body can’t move. Plus, in addition to learning Japanese, I may later take up Korean and Chinese. Why not Spanish? Knowing more than one language is good for the mind and can reduce the risk of dementia.

We’re excited about starting a new life in Japan. Right now, their population is dropping with older generations dying off and their millennials not having babies. They want immigrants. They’re in demand of English teachers and translators for English. Contrary to popular belief, most Japanese don’t speak English. The tourist spots like Akihabara, high end shopping, big hotels, etc have English speaking people but that’s about it. There’s also a U.S. military base in Okinawa so there’s English there too. My husband has decided to get a 4 year degree in Japanese language and culture, then pursue a translator job in Japan. I’d be working from home with my art and hopefully still updating this blog!

There’s a number of things I’m willing to give up to make this move:

1. driving

2. Purchasing a delorean

3. Wearing shoes indoors

4. My comfort zone

5. Marijuana (its legal in my state)

6. Using a purse (backpacks or messenger bags are more common and easier when living in Japan

There’s a few more things than that of course but those are the main ones. Guns are banned there but we’re okay with that. Their crime rates are low. A couple of female youtubers who live in Japan say they feel comfortable walking through the city at night there unlike here in the states. Apparently it’s legal to be drunk in public which I find amusing. I don’t drink myself but that would have made drinking more fun when I was younger! (I’m 35).

We’re still learning more about Japan and their culture. We want to make sure we’re completely prepared for a move like this. We hope you’ll learn a lot from us!

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