Expect More Monster Hunter World Twitch Streams

We’ve been streaming off and on all day, so it’s safe to say this is going to be an ongoing occurrence. I created my character and played my first quest. Wasn’t too bad and I didn’t faint! I made my character look like Natsu Dragneel of Fairy Tail, named him Natsu and then made my Palico blue, naming him Happy. XD Cam is a female and has a Palico named Peech, after his real cat, Princess Peach (we usually call her Peaches or Peech Peech for short). Anyway! If you’d like to see our streams, follow us on twitter and/or Twitch so you’ll be notified whenever we go live! Don’t be shy and feel free to message us in chat ^_^. We do want to connect with the people we’re creating content for! Hope to see you!


We’re Live On Twitch with Monster Hunter!

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Adventures in Eorzea, Entry 1

Cameron and I play Final Fantasy XIV Online so I decided I should start blogging about it. FFXIV is my first mmorpg. I went into it without knowing what I was doing. Thankfully Cameron is a 5 year WoW vet, so I had some back up. I never did understand how WoW players could get sucked into these games for hours on end. I didn’t understand it until I decided I wanted to try FFXIV. Six months later, I totally get it.


I started out as a healer and really thought I could be good at it. I was warned by Cam and a mutual friend of ours (whose already been playing for 2 years) that I was going to struggle. My first dungeon was the biggest blunder ever. The tank died twice and half the time I was running around in a panic. The guys couldn’t stop laughing at me, of course. Luckily, the tank was new too so they were very patient.


I noticed a lot of players in FFXIV are kind and usually pretty patient. It’s rare I come across an a jerk on my server. Most of the time I stuck with Cam and my friend while I tried to learn the ropes of being a healer. Some how, I made it all the way to Heavensward as a healer. I tried Scholar first. I remember the rush I felt fighting the first dragon as a scholar. It was a lot of pressure to heal and throw spells at dragon at the same time. I can’t say i was that good at it but some how I made it through without getting killed. I had so much adrenaline running through my body after that battle. It’s an addicting feeling. I was fighting right along side other players, working together to take down one enemy. It was awesome!


Halfway through Heavensward, I tried out Astrologian. Although, I did love it, I was starting to dislike being a healer. I switched to Summoner for awhile but I was getting tired of the long cool downs. I had my rotations down and I knew that was just how it rolls being a Summoner but I just didn’t like it. That’s when I decided to be a monk. My characters name is Khloe Dragneel so, why not, right? If you don’t know the name, “Dragneel”, just google “Fairy Tail”. Anyway, I went for it and was instantly happy with it. I quickly leveled the class up and finished the rest of the expansions as a monk. I even wear a glamour outfit that looks just like Natsu Dragneel’s. I don’t feel stressed playing this class like I did as a healer. I actually have a lot of fun now. Trying to be a healer was a bad idea. If your’e a newbie, don’t do it. LOL


This game is very rewarding and you feel like you are part of the story and part of that world. You talk and interact with the characters. You create bonds and you mourn when they die. Playing an MMORPG is like stepping away from the real world for a few hours and pretending to be this other person in this other world. You feel like you matter. I’m a shy person, not to mention socially awkward. This game makes me feel like I actually contribute to a cause, even if it is just a game. It’s a good feeling knowing your actions helped out someone else and that happens all the time in the game.


Now you can expect blogs of my adventures in Eorzea. If you play FFXIV, you can find me on the Leviathian Server. Cam and I have a guild called “Kelpie Tail” in the Mist Ward 9 of La Noscea. We’d love to make new friends so feel free to stop by if we’re online or leave a message in our inbox! We’re also accepting guild members. 🙂



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First Thought Mondays! Chain Chronicle

So unfortunately I was not able to find Super Lover on Funimation or Crunchy Roll. I did find something else to try out. It already has 12 episodes out but it caught my attention and that would be Chain Chronicle.


It’s based off a video game although I didn’t know that till about three episodes in. The first episode starts off with a large war happening which I find intriguing. Usually you build up to a war, but this had it from the very beginning. We see a battle raging on with different mythical creatures fighting what’s called the “dark army”. A captain by the name of Yuri leads a “volunteer army” he started to take on the dark army and the Black king. When Yuri faces him in the throne room with a fighting “party” (ya know, like in an JRPG), I’m absolutely fascinated by the beautiful animation of the fight scenes. It’s fluid and gorgeous. The movements weren’t choppy and the colors were vibrant.


You think Yuri will when against this Black King, or at least made him disappear and come back later but no, that doesn’t happen. One of their party members disappears and Yuri is injured so badly he’s unconscious. The Black King wins the war and the episodes that follow chronicle their start from a painful loss, dealing with the backlash of local citizens suffering at the hands of the Black King’s army. You feel for Yuri and his party, knowing you saw how hard they fought only to lose.


If you’re into fantasy and action, this is right up your alley. I’m six episodes in and I love it so far. Sadly there’s only 12 episodes and the last episode aired March 25th this year. Since the anime did come out this year I am still going to review it! Once I finish the episodes available, I’ll be sure to give a full detailed review! Have you seen this anime yet or played the game? Let me know and tell me what you thought of it!


-The Wife

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