Manga Explained – Battle Angel Alita Last Order Chapters 13-14

Volume three opens with Alita, Sechs, Elf, Zwolf, and Doctor Nova taking antibody nanomachine pills while Nova notes that Ladder can’t be trusted. We get a nice two-page detail shot showing the space city of Ketheres blossoming out from the end of the orbital elevator.

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Throw Back Thursday Update

This week we won’t be having a throw back thursday because it is changing into Manga Explained. I’m also going to be making some further changes to the formatting to try and not make them too long.

The Husband, Cameron

Throw Back Thursday – Battle Angel Alita : Last Order Volume 2

This volume picks up right where the last one left off. We have the giant robot that Jim awakened killing the two adults. It toys with his guardian and brutally beats him to death. When he dies, it angers this behemoth of a robot who was playing with him as he killed him.

So, we cut back to Alita and she’s got a new arm attached thanks to the annoying robot companion. She also gets a lead as to why she’s having trouble maxing her speed and maintaining control of her body during high speed combat. The robot telling her that it sounds similar to Phantom Limb Syndrome and that it might be something with her brain.

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