The Ancient Magus Bride Mid Season Review

The Ancient Magus Bride is something that am particularly attached to. After the disaster of Worldend (I can’t even with the ending of that series -__-), I was bummed out that I didn’t get a decent romance for the season. Then I discovered The Ancient Magus Bride as soon as it started simulcasting and immediately started watching new episodes every week.


I LOVE this series so far. It gives a bit of a “beauty and the beast” kind of vibe although Elia’s personality is a lot more pleasant charming than the hot tempered grumbling beast of fairy tales. The opening of this anime is gorgeous and I watch it every episode without skipping it. I don’t skip most anime openings or endings because I tend to find entertainment value in them. The music is enchanting and you can almost feel the Chise’s emotions flowing through it, from despair to wonder. The opening vividly shows just what kind of impact Elias has on Chise’s life the moment he enters it.


The romance actually has developed faster than I anticipated but not in a way that felt rushed. They were both lonely wanting companionship and they quickly found it within each other. I love how different they are from each other because it balances the relationship between the two. Chise tends to make decisions based on how she feels while Elia’s bases them on logic.


I’m currently watching the dub and I’m pleased with casting choices. I’ve heard Brian Mathis’ voice in a fair share of anime and he’s pretty good at bringing out a character’s personality. He plays characters of this type very well which is probably why he tends to land these types of roles. I’m fine with that. Put people in their strong suits. I’m not familiar with Dani Chambers, but with as much dubbed anime as I’ve watched, I’m sure she’s been in something I’ve seen. I love her voice and what she brings to Chise’s tone and voice inflection. I think she does it perfectly and it suits the character. And then there’s the man whose in everything and he plays a character that just makes me laugh. There’s no way it’s a coincidence but if it is, then it’s a pretty hilarious one. If you’re familiar on who the top dogs of dubbed anime voice actors are, then you probably know I’m talking about Todd Haberkorn (huge fan). He plays Lindenbaum (or Lindel), who happens to be the care taker of dragons…DRAGONS. Makes me wonder if he’s fired up for the final season of Fairy Tail this September. XD Anyway, I love what he brings to this character. Although at first I tend to think of Natsu Dragneel every time I hear Todd’s voice, it never last long. After a few lines, his voice becomes the voice of the character he’s playing and then I forget this voice is also used for my favorite loud mouth dragon slayer. That takes incredible talent. Leave it to Todd to bring a lot to a side character without overshadowing the protagonists. Bravo. (I might be a tad biased).


According to online sources it looks like we’re getting 24 episodes. There’s 8 volumes of the manga released and from what I read it’s still ongoing (correct me if I’m wrong tho!). There’s so much mystery and so much unexplained, I just want to watch more and discover what happens between these two and the world they’re apart of. Have you been watching Ancient Magus Bride? What do you think of it so far? Let me know in the comments!


  • Shawna


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We didn’t get as many visitors this month so far, haven’t hit 200 yet. It’s a little disappointing but it’s only month two so I’m trying not to dwell on it. This type of business is slow to start. I am happy we’ve gained a couple followers this month though so that makes me happy!


I’m trying to come up with new content ideas for next month to try and get us more followers and traffic. I’m hoping my art will be a good start. I know Attack on Titan Reviews were on Sundays, so you’d think Fan Art would replace it on that day, but I’m going to move it to Fridays. Fan Art Fridays just sounds good. Haha. I’m thankful for those of you who participate and leave comments! I love discussing anime and manga, so I encourage more of you to comment! Also, if you have any suggestions for anime I should watch, let me know! I’m actually checking out Food Wars. I’ll be sure to give my first impressions of that one on Monday! I haven’t done any first impressions in a couple weeks and that’s mostly because I hadn’t discovered a new anime I felt worth watching or blogging about. Food Wars though, will get a fairly decent blog post. I have a lot to say about that one. LOL


Thankfully, the month aint over yet! We got “Castlevania” coming to Netflix which I can’t wait to check out that original anime! I’ve heard of the game so I’m fairly familiar with it. Cameron will be reviewing that one since he actually played the game as a kid so he can give a decent critique. I’ll probably review it too, though. Cam will be able to review as a gamer and I’ll review it as an anime fan. Our perspectives should be different so that should be some good content!


Well, thought I’d do a little update. Not a whole lot is going on, mostly playing the waiting game for Cam to get surgery and back to work. Once he’s back to work, I’ll have more time to dedicate to this blog and have even more content. Thanks to all of you who have stuck with us so far! Be sure to watch for the first of the month blog which will review the previous month and let you know what we have in store for July!


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Fairy Tail Manga chapter 539 Review

Now we have a crack in the sky. I theorized this was Acnologia and while Wendy and the others began to panic as the crack increased, I knew my suspicions were probably right. Then of course, Acnologia’s arm comes crashing out of the crack. Seeing the blue pegasus guild deal with this horror while still morning over Ichiya definitely pulled at the heart strings. I really love Mashima’s story telling. He knows how to suck you in and love all the characters he created, no matter how annoying that had been.


Acnologia is absolutely terrifying. To think that failed to even wipe out his existence. It makes me wonder what’s happened to Ichiya and Anna. Did they really die? Acnologia survived but he does eat magic, so that might have something to do with it. That Eternal Flare attack made his destruction of Tenrou Island look tiny in comparison. Mashima did well to draw out just how large and terrifying this dragon and his magic is. I honestly can’t tell what town he’s destroying though. Is that Magnolia? Since Erza’s mother’s spell broke, I don’t know where anyone is anyone more at this point. lol Except for Lucy and them. I know where they are. LOL


After his massive attack, he makes Wendy vanish. This is curious and I’m glad this is quickly answered with in the next pages. All the dragon slayers start to disappear. This of course makes me think, what’s happened to Natsu? The image of Lucy sobbing his name ripped my heart out. In her perspective, he’s vanished from existence. The amount of trauma that she must be feeling had to be overwhelming. She has lost so many people close to her. Her parents, Aquarius, watching herself die, and then when Natsu disappeared for a year. Now she thinks he’s dead.


And then the next page….NATSU’S ALIVE! You have no idea how much his disappearance was giving me damn anxiety all week! I was so afraid Lucy was going to have to do something special to bring him back. Really was hoping for something different. Well, Mashima definitely delivered on that! So, Natsu is fine. He was just transported with the other dragon slayers to face Acnologia. This is going to be awesome. I can not WAIT for this fight!

With Lucy sobbing over Natsu’s “death”, I keep thinking what an intense reunion this could end up being when she see’s Natsu is alive. We did get a kiss between Haru and Ellie in Rave Master so whose to say we wont get one in Fairy Tail? And unlike Rave Master, Fairy Tail is an ecchi. *snicker* Well, anyway, I’m hoping this will lead to an eventual awesome Nalu moment. I’m biased in that regard I know. I enjoy the story of Fairy Tail itself too though and I love the fight scenes.


Did you read this chapter? What did you think of it? Are you excited for the next battle? Let me know in the comments!


-The Wife Shawna

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Coming Soon! My Hero Academia Manga Chapter Reviews!

Cameron is going to also read the manga and has decided he wants to handle the reviews for this one. Make sure you watch for them! We appreciate all the likes and follows. If you know anyone who loves manga, anime, and Japanese culture, be sure tell them about us! 

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Manga Explained – Battle Angel Alita Last Order Chapters 13-14

Volume three opens with Alita, Sechs, Elf, Zwolf, and Doctor Nova taking antibody nanomachine pills while Nova notes that Ladder can’t be trusted. We get a nice two-page detail shot showing the space city of Ketheres blossoming out from the end of the orbital elevator.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 537 & 538 Review

There’s a lot to say about these two chapters because there was SO much emotion that I’m still reeling from what I read. Sorry it’s taken me a bit to get this posted but better later than never!


In 537, seeing the moment between Mavis and Zeref was powerful. We waited so long for this, for the two of them to actually talk and for him to actually listen. Granted it took him until he was beaten down by his little brother to finally get a clue, better late than never I guess. Mavis’ words to him was really intense. She hated him but loved him at the same time. She hated him for what he did to her and her friends, but she loved him because she knows why he did it. She knows he’s been suffering for centuries. It was admirable and beautiful. I adore Mavis. Her kindness, understanding, and forgiving nature is admirable. I loved how she said exactly as she felt, releasing her anger and frustration, while still expressing just how much she loved him and what good things he DID do. God, Mashima really knows how to pull on the heartstrings. And I did not expect Markarov to come back!! I have mixed feelings on that at the moment but Mashima has yet to disappoint me so I’m going to hold off giving remarks on it until the manga is over. It was a great ending to Zeref and Mavis’ tragic story. Their love story was so incredibly tragic. It’s completely opposite to what Lucy and Natsu’s relationship is. That’s something I’m sure Mashima did on purpose. I’m hoping since Zeref and Mavis’ tragic love story ended in death, if that means Natsu and Lucy’s heart warming story will end in life.


Chapter 538 is one that is still haunting me. We see Lucy fixing Natsu’s book. She seems to know exactly what she’s doing. I paid attention to the details about her saying she had all the memories written of the Natsu they know. I didn’t expect Gray to be able to use his magic to remove what was plaguing Lucy but I’m glad he was able to. When the book started to disappear, I got emotional when Happy started to get emotional and Lucy grabbed him, holding him tight. They were so terrified of losing Natsu. God, so was I! Then that moment when Natsu appeared and Lucy’s face…gah! She’s in love with that guy, I don’t care what anyone says!


I was feeling relief when they were talking and bantering back and forth as they always use to. This was normal. This was typical Fairy Tail. Then, Lucy brings up to Happy about what he and Natsu wanted to do after the war. I find the look on Happy’s face curious when he asks Natsu if he wants to announce it. He’s got that mischievous look he gets when he teases Lucy that she likes him. Oh god…but when Natsu is no where to be found, my heart just dropped to pit of the earth. Then Lucy’s reaction had me crying of course. The devastation on her face and the way she screamed and sobbed for Natsu. All this sorrow, then we got to a scene of Wendy seeing a crack appear in the sky. I’m thinking that has something to do with Acnologia.


Back to Lucy and Natsu. It seems like there’s no possible way to bring Natsu back. Zeref is dead and the book disappeared. There’s no source. It makes it sound pretty depressing, doesn’t it? Well, being obsessed with Fairy Tail, I’ve reread and rewatched the manga and anime many times. Back when Lucy is being trained by Capricorn before the Grand Magic Games, she talks about primordial magic. She talks about how her mother told her it wasn’t something tangible, that it’s love. LOVE. Natsu and Lucy have an incredibly strong bond built with trust and facing danger together frequently. They’re the closest to each other than to anyone else. Lucy has already brought Natsu back to life on more than one occasion. There were times where he should have been dead but he heard Lucy’s voice, felt her magic and he came back. Her tears brought him back to life in the movie. Lucy is a very sociable, kind-hearted person. She’s known for her kindness and mercy towards those who have mistreated her. She’s made friends out of enemies. I theorize that Lucy possesses primordial magic and that will bring Natsu back. Don’t quote me on it but its what I’m theorizing. Primordial magic hasn’t been brought up much since the Tenrou arc though so I hope that doesn’t become a plot hole. >.<


Are you reading this manga? What did you think of these chapters? Let me know in the comments!


-The Wife Shawna

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