Seven Deadly Sins Ch 214 & 215 Review

A lot happened in these two chapters. Hell, a lot has happened period since Diane and King went back in time as the Giant King and Fairy King.

So the previous Fairy King got driven made when he thought his sister was dead. Man can this manga be brutal! Looked like her legs were missing!

Seeing what the Holy War was like 3000 years ago really puts current events happening in Brittania into perspective. I get the impression the Goddess clan went too far. Everyone seemed to have gone too far. I guess the Giant King has chosen to join the Demon Clan? That’s the impression I got anyway.

The best part of these two chapters is the last page! I didn’t see that coming! She kissed him and said I love you! GAH!!!

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Anime and Manga Reviews

Below are a list of anime that are currently airing episodes that Cameron and I watch. I will start reviewing them starting on the next episode that airs or when the movie becomes available subtitled to watch. If you want my feedback on previous episodes, I’ll be posting them in a different section later. I also will post the list of manga I’m reading and will review as well.

Attack on Titan (sub)

My Hero Acadamia (dub)

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry (sub and dub)


Fairy Tail


The Seven Deadly Sins

It’s not much but that’s what I got for now. I am currently binge watching Gintama and may decide to give my impressions of it later. I noticed on Crunchy Roll it hasn’t updated in a month but I do get alerts that the manga is updated every week.

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