Worldend Ep 8 Review

Of course I loved this episode! Ctholly was still doing what she had been doing near the end of the last episode with cooking, cleaning, and supervising the younger girls. I can’t get enough of the relationship between her and Willem. It’s definitely a lot different from his relationship with the younger ones. Although, for the longest time, you couldn’t quite tell if he reciprocated those feelings or not. Sure, it was obvious he cared about her but we weren’t sure just how deep those feelings go. I kinda like romances that keep you guessing like that.


Willem’s interaction with his superior “technical officer” was amusing. I love how he handles personalities like that. *snicker* His reaction to the superior talking about the girls on that downed ship made my heart clinch a bit. His kindness and nurturing nature just makes my heart melt. He’s a wonderful character. It was a surprise to find out the survey team is after his home town. How crazy would that be to see your home town 500 years later?


It was so cute that Ctholly had been waiting for him. The way her face lit up when he showed up was adorable! She’s making sure she sticks close to him no matter what. I don’t blame her. I’d be doing the same thing. lol It’s not like he’s complaining much about the company anyway. I laughed so hard when she didn’t correct a clerk for calling them an engaged couple. Haha. Meanwhile, Willem looks mortified. He still didn’t complain much. She was so honest with him that she went with him because she just wanted to be around him. This is refreshing for honest feelings to be let out instead of the angst of keeping it to yourself!


So, the sword he spotted in that book during his meeting with his superior could help Ctholly’s disintegration. I really hope that will be the case. I just don’t want this to turn into an anime where one or both of them die. Anyway, I loved how honest he was in telling her that he was looking for it, that he wanted to help her. Since she woke up from the last disinigration, Willem has been increasingly more protective and watchful over her. That’s probably another reason he doesn’t complain about having her around a lot.


Totally didn’t expect her to say she was going to go with him when he leaves to find that sword. I couldn’t stop laughing. She totally got her way to. Haha. It was even funnier that the superior thought Ctholly was his lover. *snicker* The fact that Willem actually admitted he’d rather not be separated from her either really through me for a loop! I wasn’t expecting that much honesty. In most anime, the characters keep their feelings to themselves and you have to watch and experience their angst. Not the case here. There’s some angst but it’s not overwhelming. It’s obvious the two care about each other.


When Willem woke up in the library, only to sit up and have a kid fall of him, I couldn’t stop laughing. I love how that girl loves to sneak in a cuddle when he’s sleeping. It’s too cute. And OMG Willem’s confession! Ha! So Ctholly always had a chance but he’s keeping her at arm’s length. He didn’t really explain why. Not sure if it’s age or if it’s something else. Not quite sure. When he said “you tell her, I’ll end you”, his face was priceless.


Ctholly’s jealousy over Nephrin sleeping on the couch with Willem was pretty amusing. Of course there was nothing weird about that to begin with so it was funny to watch Ctholly make it out to be something dirty when it clearly wasn’t.


Nygglatho’s confession was not at all expected, given she’s a troll who would love to sink her teeth into him. LOL I also love how he asked to pretend he never heard any of that. Oh I don’t blame him. She’s far from his type anyway. At least right after that, we got a wonderful moment between Willem and Ctholly. She was so cute slowly walking up to him as he was staring up at the shooting stars. You could see how badly she just wanted to hold his hand. She was too scared to do it but Willem grabbed her hand. Of course I fan girled!


The dramatic moment of Almita falling from the roof really got my heart pumping. I was worried that would happen. We get to see Willem use that inhuman speed of his but it wasn’t going to be fast enough so Ctholly used her own power. I didn’t even know she still could but it was clear that she wasn’t suppose to try given Willem’s reaction when it was all over. He looked so scared and he even had tears in his eyes. I do love how he’s not afraid to show his emotions.


Now Ctholly has had another incident where she seems to see her previous self? Her hair is even more red now. I’m curious what Willem’s reaction will be in the next episode!


Did you watch this episode? What did you think of it? So far it’s getting better with each episode! Let me know what you think in the comments!


-The Wife Shawna

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Worldend Ep 7 Review

Now that Ctholly can’t really fight anymore since her body’s changed, she can’t seem to really figure out what to do with herself. Meanwhile, there’s more “leprechauns” in an air ship we’re shown. I didn’t expect that, for their to be more of them. It seems like the plot is thickening quickly.


Looks like romance is really starting between Ctholly and Willem, although, at the moment, it seems one sided. Ctholly is adorable trying to make him notice her with simple things as cooking and cleaning. It does seem to have an affect on her, however. I really wish we knew what Willem’s age is! I can’t remember if we were told or not. I’m guessing early twenties judging by his maturity. The butter cake scene was precious as well as the exchange between them. This anime really pulls at my heart strings.


We finally got to see the surface and see the beasts that took over it. It reminded me of a giant bug. The scenes were surprisingly violent. I did forget there has been violence of this sort earlier in the series, I just sort of forgot. We don’t get to see the girls fight to often. Anyway, thankfully the ship it was attacking happened to have those two leprechans. They killed the beast but seems they may be stranded on the surface. I’m anxious to learn more of the history of humans and how their “creation” destroyed them. At least, thats what I gathered.


Did you see this episode? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!


-The Wife Shawna

P.S. Sorry for the dely with blog posts! I’ve been sick. Expect “Kado” and “Boruto” reviews to soon follow!

Worldend Ep 6 Review

This was an emotional one. I wanted to know why Ctholly was having those nightmares and visions, now we know why! The fact those those fairies are souls that were from the dead, that’s awful. The fact that it was one of Willem’s former human comrades whose behind it, is even worse. Willem’s reaction was definitely no surprise. Those precious girls he adores were being used by someone he had once trusted. Regardless of the reasons, they were innocent children and definitely should not have been subjected to this. Willem brought up perfect points about what is it he would exactly be returning to on the surface. It had been 500 years since he had been down there and no one they knew was alive.


Seeing Ctholly struggle with her battle was hard to watch. She was trying so hard to fight but stay alive at the same time. She kept thinking about those butter cakes she wanted Willem to make for her. Despite the fact her mind was deteriorating from her previous life memories trying to return, she was so determined not to chase after those memories. This is just my perspective, but I think she was seeing it as there was no reason to remember her past. She didn’t need to know it since she only cared about the present and the future. That’s how I saw it anyway.


It was also difficult to watch Willem grieve over Ctholly’s inevitable deterioration into death. He was expecting she’d never open her eyes again. The pain on his face was very well animated. I appreciate good animation when it comes to male expression. I don’t know why but sometimes animation can totally miss the mark on expression with men. lol Of course, I totally fan girled when Ctholly woke up and started talking to him, telling him that he’s been her first for so many things, down to being the first man she ever fell in love with. GAH! I did not expect him to cry! The way he loves her is just absolutely precious. I was definitely crying especially after he told her “welcome home” and she just burst into tears in his arms.


Now we get to wonder what cost this came at when she fought that deterioration. Stuff like this makes me nervous, I really don’t want either character to die. That was put a damper on this anime for me. Are you watching this anime? What did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments!


-The Wife Shawna

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Worldend Ep 5 Review

It was nice to finally see the girls in battle this episode. I was curious what they were like with their weapons. They’re fearless and really put forth a lot of effort into taking down enemies. It wasn’t a long battle scene but it was enough to give a taste of what the eldest girls could do in a fight. It was so cute how Ctholly was determined to go home victorious. She wanted those butter cakes!


I’m curious what those visions and voices are that Ctholly has been dealing with. We really haven’t gotten any answers yet and she hasn’t really been telling anyone about them. I can’t remember if it was common for them to get visions like that.


As always, the relationship with Willem and the girls is adorable as ever. I just really love how they made it not creepy whatsoever. It’s obviously there’s a bit of romance developing between Ctholly and Willem but the age differences isn’t enough to bug me plus it’s very subtle and hopefully they’ll drag this out over years (their bonding anyway). I’m still so curious how long this anime is going to last!


Willem handled the situation that client wanted handled quite well. I didn’t even think he as helping her until they went off to a secluded area. I thought it was funny how the client did not take kindly to being used as bate. Geez, she can’t even be grateful it was for the right reasons? LOL


The ending of the episode left me a little confused and nervous for Willem. I can’t remember the name that made him change his mind and go with the soldiers. He said good bye to her the same way he said good bye to his friend from 500 years ago. I really hope nothing happens to him. It really got me all fan girling when she admitted she loved him. GAH! I just really love this anime and I adore Willem’s character. Charming as ever! I can’t wait to see what else this anime has in store! Are you watching it? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments!


-The Wife Shawna

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Worldend Ep 4 Review

A lot of emotion in this episode. Seeing Willem panic over the girls missing sure tugged at my heart. Then when the troll Nygglatho tells him they’re all dead from a battle, the look on his face made my heart shatter. Thankfully he woke up and it was just a nightmare. It really showed just how much he cared about those girls. I’m just such a sucker for men who are good with children!


Willem’s day spent with Tiat was adorable to watch. It was definitely like watching a father and daughter spending the day together. It was cute and Tiat’s passion for the lizard romance movies was so silly but it showed just how full of life she was. It was nice to see one of the girls out of the “warehouse” and actually being a kid, a luxury they don’t get too often given what they exist for in the first place.


I’m curious about the scene of the family that got their food stand terroized. I heard in the crowd that their stand supported the Mayor. Sounds like there’s some politics involved on Corna De Luce, the floating city. I wonder if we’ll get to see more of what that’s all about and if it plays into the main plot of the story. The world seems pretty expansive and we haven’t gotten to see much of it yet except where the girls live and the floating cities.


We get to see Tiat experiencing this “tuning” that all the girls have to go through. Willem really struggles with this and it just makes me love his character even more. He hasn’t been with the girls too long but he’s grown so fond of them. It’s going to really suck if any of the girls die in this series. They’ll be some major tears for sure. I really hope we don’t have to deal with a dramatic moment like that.


A new character comes into the mix, what looks to be some sort of dog like person? I’m not sure really. It’s only 4 episodes in, so I imagine we’ll get more details in time. I hope this isn’t a 13 episode season. I want at least 20 episodes because I think we’d need that many to really get more details on the world and the characters, not to mentiont the interaction and connections between them. This character really wants to see the soldier whose leading the girls into battle. I’m sorry I can’t remember his name and I couldn’t find him on a character list either. If you know the name, be sure to leave in the comments! It would be helpful! Anyway, so while Willem is listening to her request, we see the soldier’s in the background shouting and talking about the very place where Chtholly is fighting with the other two girls. When he’s told the defenses failed, the look on his face was heart wrenching. We already know he’s suffering from those he was unable to protect 500 years ago and the thought of losing someone again, is incredibly traumatic. I was worried the girls were dead and it was going to really put a damper on the anime for me if that was the case.


Then as he’s spacing out in shock, the girls showed up and I was elated! It took a moment before he noticed them and when he took off to go to them, he ran at an incredible speed that was not normal. It was clear it was some kind of magic because even the Lizard commander was a bit surprised by it. I did not expect him to only grab Chtholly though. I thought for certain he’d gather all three of them but no, he went straight for Chtholly and I totally fan girled over that scene. Its clear his fondness for Chtholly differs slightly from the rest of the girls. I’m impressed with how “not creepy” they’ve made it to, given the age differences. We know Chtholly is like 15 and I’m still fairly certain Willem is in his early 20s. The ending of that episode though…Chtholly is so annoyed from him hugging her so tight she couldn’t breathe and embarrased her, so she slaps him. Haha. Too cute.


I look forward to the next episode! I really really love this anime. I do hope we get to see some more action and fighting scenes too. Right now there just seems to be a lot of character development and I’m okay with that. This is only episode 4. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this anime has in stored! Are you watching this anime? What do you think of it so far? Let me know in the comments!


-The Wife Shawna

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Worldend Ep 3 Review

The third episode gave a lot more information about Willem’s past. We’ve only managed to get bits and pieces. We know he’s from hundreds of years ago and he’s the last human. We didn’t know how that came to be or what events transpired to lead to where he’s at now. I liked seeing more depth to his character. We also got to seem him fight. (insert heart eyes here lol)


Seeing him wield one of the holy swords that only Fairies are suppose to wield caught me by surprise. What caught me even more by surprise was just how damn good he was with it when he took on that girl (i cannot remember her name and I tried searching for it. feel free to leave a comment of her name if you know it!). The look on her face at first was priceless when he deflected her attacks with hardly any effort. You felt for her when she was frustrated that she was being beat by someone whose not even suppose to be able to wield it. At the same time, you understand why Willem is doing this. He doesn’t want any of these girls to die.


I find his softness for children to be endearing. It still doesn’t appear as creepy at all. The story telling is done very well in this regard. I’m a sucker for a man whose good with kids so I could just be a bit bias. LOL. If you watch the dubs like I do, I personally think the voice actor for Willem does a great job. He was also in A Certain Magical Index and I was fan of him then too. I like what he brings to the characters when it comes to their emotions. He’s no Todd Haberkorn or Vic Mignonia but he’s definitely in my top ten for voice actors. Sorry I don’t have his name off the top of my head. He’s not one of the big names so keeping track is a little harder for me (stupid A.D.D. haha).


At the end of the episode, when the young fairy decides she wants to live and come back alive after the fairy gate is open, my heart melted when she requested butter cakes. The look on Willem’s face made my eyes sting a bit. The relationship between these two is really beautiful to me. She’s a frustrated teenager with emotions she’s struggles to control. Willem is quite the opposite being a calm and collected young man. It’s a good balance of personalities. They compliment each other.


The state of Willem’s health makes a little nervous. It seems like death is going to be evident for him before he can even grow old. I really hope not since I adore his character. Hopefully some circumstances will lead to him not dying. When a main character dies, it tends to ruin the show for me. Like, Wolf’s Rain. Oh, don’t get me started on THAT one. >.<


This episode definitely made me want to continue to see what happens with him and these Fairies. So far, the animation is beautiful, the characters are full of depth, the dub cast is good and the story it’s self is good. I’m excited to see where this is going to go. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend it. You can find it dubbed on Funimation or Subtitled on Crunchy Roll. Crunchy Roll has 4 episodes out so my reviews are going to be one episode behind since we’re watching the dubs. If you watched it, tell me what you think of it! I’m interested to know your thoughts!


-The Wife Shawna

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First Thought Mondays! “Worldend…”

This is the first post of our weekly blog series called “First Thought Mondays”. Every Monday we will try out a new anime, watch the first (and sometimes second) episode and I’ll give my first impressions of the anime so far and if I recommend it or not. As soon as we have more active followers, we will start asking for what anime you want us to try out!


This week, we checked out “Worldend. What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?”. Yes, that is the title. Long as hell but I’m guessing it doesnt sound so long in Japanese (now I’m curious and will probably look it up before I finish this blog lol).


My husband, Cameron, recommended this anime for us to try. He gave me a quick synopsis and I was intrigued. The first episode starts off with a woman talking about someone she loved and would do anything for. You see a glimpse of a man falling, bleeding, and looking frustrated. It’s a short clip before it goes to the next scene which follows a young girl on a floating island. Humans (most of them) were wiped out 500 years prior wiped out by strange beasts. Creatures who survived live in islands in the sky. She falls chasing a cat and a man catches her. It’s the same guy we see in the beginning. His name is Willem.


The anime doesn’t give away too much about past events, but just enough to make the present make more sense as to why the world is the way it is. Humans are not popular whatsoever, they’re shunned most of the time by other creatures. This doesn’t seem to bother Willem too much as the episode goes on. He’s aware of it but it doesn’t phase him. His friendliness to the girl (I can not remember her name. Horrible A.D.D.) wasn’t creepy and didn’t feel forced. Willem is clearly older than the girl by a few years so I was nervous at first that it could come across weird but it didnt. His time with this girl is brief. He brought her to the top of a building on a sky island they met on so she can see the view from up top. She explains she lives on the ground below and always sees the islands but never been on one. When she leaves with some military officers willingly, she suggests to him that he should forget her.


The next scene he shows up to a job he’s taking on with the military as a caretaker for a warehouse. He finds this warehouse to be a large house and it’s full of young girls (most of them under the age of 12). There is a point in time when Willem has a flashback of having children he knew fawn over him and call him “pops”. At first I was like, “Wait, what? Did he use to be a dad?”. Then when we’re shown his interaction with girls, my heart just melts. It’s not creepy how kind and sweet he is to them. He indulges in their curiosity and answers questions they have with ease. The girls of course start fawning over him and it’s absolutely adorable.


It comes to his attention that that weapons he was suppose to be caring for in a “warehouse” were actually the girls themselves. The young girl Willem had run into on the sky island was there also, for the same reasons as the other girls. Her age is 15. It’s clear she’s got a crush on Willem and it’s absolutely adorable. When she returns from a battle, he’s at her bedside while she recovers. She has a mentality (which is explained in the episode) that she will die one day fighting and makes a request to at least have a kiss from him so she has a connection with someone when she’s gone. She wants to be remembered. Of course, I was sort of expecting for him to just do it, to just kiss her like a lot of animes would have happen. However, he just told her basically it’s a sad way to think. She got embarrassed and when he reached for her I was cringing, waiting for it, but he just gently kissed her on the forehead. I turned into a damn puddle. OMG.


I don’t want to give too much away since I want other people to see it too! I definitely recommend this anime. The relationship between Willem and the children is heart warming. I’m a sucker for men who are good with children. GAH! So, my first impression is “next episode please!”.


We’re watching the dubs on Funimation and currently theres two episodes available to watch. On Crunchy Roll there’s four available. I recommend the dub because the cast is well done so far with talented voices you’d recognize if you watch dubs regularly. This anime will now be added to our list of weekly simulcast reviews!


Next week, we’re trying out “Super Lover”, which was recommended by a friend! Look for it next Monday!


-The Wife

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