Fairy Tail Chapter 537 & 538 Review

There’s a lot to say about these two chapters because there was SO much emotion that I’m still reeling from what I read. Sorry it’s taken me a bit to get this posted but better later than never!


In 537, seeing the moment between Mavis and Zeref was powerful. We waited so long for this, for the two of them to actually talk and for him to actually listen. Granted it took him until he was beaten down by his little brother to finally get a clue, better late than never I guess. Mavis’ words to him was really intense. She hated him but loved him at the same time. She hated him for what he did to her and her friends, but she loved him because she knows why he did it. She knows he’s been suffering for centuries. It was admirable and beautiful. I adore Mavis. Her kindness, understanding, and forgiving nature is admirable. I loved how she said exactly as she felt, releasing her anger and frustration, while still expressing just how much she loved him and what good things he DID do. God, Mashima really knows how to pull on the heartstrings. And I did not expect Markarov to come back!! I have mixed feelings on that at the moment but Mashima has yet to disappoint me so I’m going to hold off giving remarks on it until the manga is over. It was a great ending to Zeref and Mavis’ tragic story. Their love story was so incredibly tragic. It’s completely opposite to what Lucy and Natsu’s relationship is. That’s something I’m sure Mashima did on purpose. I’m hoping since Zeref and Mavis’ tragic love story ended in death, if that means Natsu and Lucy’s heart warming story will end in life.


Chapter 538 is one that is still haunting me. We see Lucy fixing Natsu’s book. She seems to know exactly what she’s doing. I paid attention to the details about her saying she had all the memories written of the Natsu they know. I didn’t expect Gray to be able to use his magic to remove what was plaguing Lucy but I’m glad he was able to. When the book started to disappear, I got emotional when Happy started to get emotional and Lucy grabbed him, holding him tight. They were so terrified of losing Natsu. God, so was I! Then that moment when Natsu appeared and Lucy’s face…gah! She’s in love with that guy, I don’t care what anyone says!


I was feeling relief when they were talking and bantering back and forth as they always use to. This was normal. This was typical Fairy Tail. Then, Lucy brings up to Happy about what he and Natsu wanted to do after the war. I find the look on Happy’s face curious when he asks Natsu if he wants to announce it. He’s got that mischievous look he gets when he teases Lucy that she likes him. Oh god…but when Natsu is no where to be found, my heart just dropped to pit of the earth. Then Lucy’s reaction had me crying of course. The devastation on her face and the way she screamed and sobbed for Natsu. All this sorrow, then we got to a scene of Wendy seeing a crack appear in the sky. I’m thinking that has something to do with Acnologia.


Back to Lucy and Natsu. It seems like there’s no possible way to bring Natsu back. Zeref is dead and the book disappeared. There’s no source. It makes it sound pretty depressing, doesn’t it? Well, being obsessed with Fairy Tail, I’ve reread and rewatched the manga and anime many times. Back when Lucy is being trained by Capricorn before the Grand Magic Games, she talks about primordial magic. She talks about how her mother told her it wasn’t something tangible, that it’s love. LOVE. Natsu and Lucy have an incredibly strong bond built with trust and facing danger together frequently. They’re the closest to each other than to anyone else. Lucy has already brought Natsu back to life on more than one occasion. There were times where he should have been dead but he heard Lucy’s voice, felt her magic and he came back. Her tears brought him back to life in the movie. Lucy is a very sociable, kind-hearted person. She’s known for her kindness and mercy towards those who have mistreated her. She’s made friends out of enemies. I theorize that Lucy possesses primordial magic and that will bring Natsu back. Don’t quote me on it but its what I’m theorizing. Primordial magic hasn’t been brought up much since the Tenrou arc though so I hope that doesn’t become a plot hole. >.<


Are you reading this manga? What did you think of these chapters? Let me know in the comments!


-The Wife Shawna

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Fairy Tail Fridays: Mavis Vermillion Part 1

The founder of Fairy Tail, Mavis Vermillion. If there’s one thing Hiro Mashima is good at, it’s pulling at your heart strings and that’s exactly what Mavis’ back story does. To think someone has sweet and uplifting as Mavis could have such a tragic and depressing back story is amazing. I love how Mashima writes complex characters this way. It’s never consistent. Some character’s rise above their difficult pasts, some just succumb to the bitterness and anger that developed inside them. Bitterness and resentment just wasn’t in Mavis’ nature, despite how she was treated as a young child.


Her story began on Tenrou Island where we had seen the ruins during that Fairy Tail story arc. She spent her days working for the wizard guild Red Lizard. To work off her dead parents’ death she cleans for the guild, even though she’s only six years old. The headmaster Jeself is abusive towards her, constantly putting her down for interests in reading and seems to hate her for the fact that no matter how many times he abuses her, she doesn’t lose the light inside her. She stays positive and tries to make the best out of her situation. This would normally break any other six year old but not Mavis. Her life was hard but she wasn’t going to wallow in despair. She had dreams and she held onto them.


The atmosphere of this guild is drastically different than Fairy Tail. The wizards are brutal and menacing. It’s obvious they do not work for the good of others, only to line their pockets with cash.


When her story first starts, the Headmaster destroys a book on fairies she was reading. That’s foreshadowing to the creation of Fairy Tail which I loved seeing that within the first couple pages of Fairy Tail Zero. Mashima doesn’t hesitate to show just how Fairy Tail got its name. Not only does the headmaster destroy that book, he decides to take away the shoes he had bought for her. They were the only pair she had but he decided he didn’t want her to have them out of pure cruelty. She didn’t even fight back, too afraid of being beaten again. She gives them up and goes back to her cleaning duties outside.


While Mavis outside cleaing, we get to meet Zeira, the Headmaster’s daughter. She’s just like her father and rejects the shoes he tried to give her. Zeira quickly dismisses them especially when she learns they belonged to Mavis. It was heartbreaking to watch Mavis listen to the mean words the little girl spouted off. It really shows Mavis’ strength when you still see her not break despite how she’s treated. It’s inspiring to see a character who smiles even when it’s raining.


Mavis’ interactions with the characters on Tenrou stay consistent and you keep waiting for her spirit to be broken. However, when she accidently stays out to late and comes back to her village to find it on fire and being attacked by another guild from the mainland, she doesn’t hesitate to help Zeira when she finds her. Zeira is so confused and doesn’t understand why Mavis still remained kind even after the way she treated her. It’s very inspiring to always remain kind, that it could one day change people. That’s what happens just before Zeira collapses, supposedly dead.

Well, that’s the end of Part 1 of this Fairy Tail Friday Segment. I realized there’s actually a lot of content for Mavis’ background and I work full time so it’s hard to find the time to write and research! I’ll have part two out next Friday. Sorry this came out so late! See you next week!



-The Wife Shawna

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New Mini Blog Series, Fairy Tail Fridays

Next Friday, I’ll be starting a mini series about the popular manga and anime, Fairy Tail. Each blog post will cover one particular character or lore regarding the Fairy Tail universe that Hiro Mashima created. All information will be based off of facts I’ve gathered from officially translated material. I will cover major characters as well as minor characters from other guilds like Pegasus, Sabortooth, and Mermaid Heel. I will even cover the dark guilds and their members. If you love Fairy Tail, be sure to watch for this series and tell your friends! I’m going to start from the very beginning which of course that means starting off with the founder of Fairy Tail, Mavis! I look forward to bringing you content and maybe even help you learn something new you didn’t know about the series!

-The Wife Shawna

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Fairy Tail Ch 536 Review

Wow. That chapter was awesome! I heard spoilers that some fans were concerned but this would be the American audience mostly. I don’t know what the reactions are in Japan regarding the manga so far. Personally, I think English audiences tend to be too picky and petty. Then again, I’m very biased when it comes to Fairy Tail.


So, a lot of things happened this chapter. We see Natsu take Zeref down and it’s AWESOME. Some fans were concerned that it was too easy for him to just one shot Zeref. How is it a one shot? Natsu and Zeref have been fighting for several chapters now, so it’s not a one shot hit. They’ve been trading blows for awhile now. Natsu finally just won the damn fight. What’d you expect? There’s only ten chapters left! Eventually the fight had to end. I love how he left the rest to Mavis. The look in Mavis’ eyes were pretty depressing. I can’t imagine what she has to do now after all she went through. I’m curious if Zeref is going to go back to his old self and be full of regret.


Ichiya was not a character I was particularly fond of so the way he went out, I thought was pretty heart warming. At first, I felt sad that Anna was going too. I was hoping she would get to meet Lucy. However, it seemed fitting that she went with Ichiya to take out Acnologia. The final words she said to him, “You really are a handsome man” was a beautiful way for him to go out. My eyes stung and I found myself smiling. I see why Mashima shed tears for him. Mashima is really good with instilling so much emotion within you even with characters you didn’t really like. It was a fitting ending for him. I’m curious if they’ll do flash backs in the anime of all his antics like they did for characters in the Tartoros Arc. It would definitely add more emotion especially for those who only watch the anime.


I know some fans didn’t seem to like that Ichiya was the one to take out Acnologia. I’ve heard they expected Natsu to take him out in revenge for killing Igneel. Here’s the thing though. That’s not who Natsu is. He’s not a vengeful person. He’ll knock someone’s lights out to teach them a lesson, but he never wants to take revenge to the same level as his brother Zeref or even like Gray would. After all, who was the one who always talked Gray out of making stupid vengeful decisions like that? Natsu.


Mashima’s work is unique for a reason. None of his characters follow the typical tropes known in mangas. He avoids that purposely and that’s why I love his work. He did the same thing in Rave Master (if you haven’t read that, you need to. He got a lot of inspiration for Fairy tail from it). One of things that always disappoints me with typical stories is how they always have the hero lose his way at some point. Why? Why does the hero always have to lose his way to discover his destiny? I think it’s stupid. Why can’t we just get a character who sticks to his convictions no matter what? Why can’t we get a character who never gets swayed to be evil, no matter how dire the circumstances are?Yes, Natsu and Gray faced each other, but for the love of god, that’s because Gray wouldn’t get the hell out of his face! Natsu didn’t even want to fight him. He wanted nothing to do with him. He wanted to find Zeref. He told Gray this repeatedly while fighting him, to get the hell out of his way. I blame Gray. Damn you, Gray. lol


I’m excited for the next chapter. I’m curious what will happen when Lucy and Natsu reunite, and what Mavis will do with Zeref. What is your thoughts on this chapter? Did you like it? Were you a fan of Ichiya? Let me know in the comments and lets discuss!


-The Wife Shawna

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